Instagram is where I prefer to be most of the time.  I'm playing around with two accounts---One more business although I havent really been posting there recently and one for fun with a touch of biz.  I decided that I'd post a bit from my life recently on Instagram and what fun I've been up to so here you go.

I am out quite a bit in Greenwich and along one of the side streets on the way to the park there's these posh houses that have their own garden so this is where this picture is from.


It's been a black and white kinda day. ☁️

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James was volunteering around Borough Market in East London recently so after he was finished we met up and wandered round taking pictures and then went for a nice burger.


Fun afternoon out with the boy at Broadway Market 🚶🚲💛

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The Weather has been getting noticeably better in London with sunnier, less gray depressing skies.  I do better when its sunny and this was taken when I was out around London Bridge.  I think Londoners generally feel happier when there's blue skies in the city.   Seriously who wouldnt?


London is sure happy today. 😎☀️

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I've been making a list of places I've never been to in London as I've been here for 14 yrs and thought I had seen everything.  Well apparently I havent and the Saatchi Gallery in West London was one of the big things I havent seen.  I wouldnt recommend seeing the Saatchi on its own, if you are out and about anyway near Sloane Square then do it, but dont make a trip just for the gallery.  Its not because the gallery aint worth it, that's far from it, its just its only like 8 rooms and its SUPER SMALL.


Coca cola Lenin style. ❤️ P.S. Any Londoners free on Wednesday and want to meet up for a photo walk with me?

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Most of the Museums and Art Galleries in London are free and that includes the Tate and here is a picture of one of my favourite rooms, the Henry Moore sculptures. 


Henry Moore room in the Tate. One of my favourites in the whole museum.

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