So the 2014 Scentsy Incentive Trip for Australia has been announced!!!  You're going to America!!!  You get 10 days spread across Los Angeles and St Louis where you'll be attending the North American Scentsy Convention which is a HUGE opportunity!

I'm very excited for you! I earned the 2013 Mediterranean Cruise Scentsy EU trip and I'm very close to earning the 2014 trip to Greece, So I understand what you have to do to earn these trips of a lifetime.  I will tell you one thing is that all of you in Australia are sure in for a treat!!

So here's the rules and what you have to do to earn the trip.  Recruiting is a BIG KEY to earning any incentive trip but it doesnt matter if you are a newbie or seasoned consultant its possible for everyone to earn this and its very very achievable!

Scentsy Australia Incentive Trip 2014

So do you live in Australia? Interested in joining Scentsy and going on all expenses paid 5 star trips?  JOIN MY TEAM TODAY: