Scentsy Brand X
Scentsy Brand X

There's been a lot of talk about Scenty's Brand X on social media recently.  What is Brand X you might ask?  Well its Scentsy's third company under the umbrella Scentsy Family Group.  Consultants who join Scentsy can sell with all 3 brands (with a few rules of course) which has never EVER been done before with Direct Sales.  Most companies when you join them have one product makeup, bags, vitamins, etc but not multiple mini companies.  Orville and Heidi Thompson Scentsy owners extraordinaire have really hit for the fence with this and it can only mean extended growth beyond our wildest dreams.

There's been some rumours its been leaked online but we wont know for certain what the company is until the US Convention in Las Vegas which is in a week.  We will also know when the launch date is which is when new consultants can join up under the amazing new opportunity.

Can you imagine if someone came to you several years back and said 'We're starting this little company...called Starbucks' and we want you in on it?  Imagine the possibilities of what 3 different avenues of income could mean for you and your family.

I'm in the UK but that still doesn't mean that if you're in North America you can't join my team and start building your own Scentsy business.  You can currently join my team for the Wickless Candles and its only a matter of time before the UK can recruit for the new brands in North America as well.  If you live in the UK or Europe....NOW is the time to join now as we are still building Scentsy and WE WILL get the other other brands here not if but when.

So a big reason to join Scentsy right now.  So much possibility awaits us in future.  I'm very excited and very much looking forward to whats in store for us.

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