So I made the decision to post the US Fall Winter Scentsy 2012 Catalog because from my website stats I've had so many people searching for it here...I thought I'd help you out and make your search a little bit easier. YOU CAN'T ORDERfrom me from the states and have it shipped to your home in America.  But what you can do is if you've come here looking for your favourite Scentsy....CONTACT me and I'll send you the name of a US friend who can help you.  It will save you time searching on Google for someone else to order from. x

YOU CAN however if you live in America and you are considering becoming a Scentsy consultant join through me.  Most US Consultants have teams in Europe and many UK consultants have teams in North America.  Its all one big Scentsy Family where we all help each other.  So if you live in the US and are interested in selling from the Scentsy Family me TODAY.

Scentsy Fall Winter Catalog 2012 (USA)

Here's the USA Holiday Catalogue.