The following are the top selling Scentsy Products in the UK through October 2011.



Full-Size Scentsy Warmers

1. Jane Scentsy Warmer
2. Silvervine Scentsy Warmer
3. Flight Scentsy Warmer
4. Fizz Scentsy Warmer
5. Margot Scentsy Warmer

Mid Size Scentsy Warmers

1. Graphite Scentsy Warmer
2. Rosso Scentsy Warmer
3. Raven Scentsy Warmer
4. Quill Scentsy Warmer
5. La Paz Scentsy Warmer


Scentsy Buddies
1. Mollie the Monkey
2. Lenny the Lamb
3. Pookie the Polar Bear
4. Ollie the Elephant
5. Patch the Dog


Scentsy Bars
1. Christmas cottage
2. Newborn Nursery
3. Black Raspberry Vanilla
4. Sweet Pea Vanilla
5. Eskimo Kiss


Scent Pak
1. Newborn Nursery
2. Black Raspberry Vanilla
3. French Lavender
4. Sweet Pea Vanilla
5. Honey Pear Cider

Solid Perfumes
1. Love Story
2. Simply Irresistible
3. Enchanted Mist
4. My Wish
5. Satin Sheets


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