Clean Breeze Travel Tin
Clean Breeze Travel Tin



Clean Breeze Travel Tin:  a fresh scent, smells very much like clean laundry.  We never used much fabric softener when I was growing up,  but my grandmother did and I remember how I would beg her to get the warm blankets out of the dryer when it buzzed and I would just sniff the fresh smell and feel the warmth on my face.

Travel tins are portable tins that have a clear gel inside each with a different Scentsy Scent.  You roll them open for however strong you want the scent and then you can roll closed when you're finished!  These are perfect for people who travel who would like a nice smelling hotel room.  You can also put these in your car, bathroom, you decide.

How long it last varies, but I've heard reports from customers that there's have lasted at least 3 months.

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