French Kiss Travel Tin
French Kiss Travel Tin


French Kiss Travel tin:  I adore Paris, I feel like its my 2nd home and go visit as often as the pennies will allow.  I feel drawn there.  I often go and just wander the streets near the Marais and take my cameras and just photograph everything and anything I can.  Once we did a cooking class there and we went to the local market and picked out all the fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  We then just sipped wine and cooked all day and it was glorious.  For desert it was figs drizzled with dark honey.  It was my first time I've ever had figs and they were glorious.  So this scent reminds me of all of this and memories to come in a city I adore.

Travel tins are portable tins that have a clear gel inside each with a different Scentsy Scent.  You roll them open for however strong you want the scent and then you can roll closed when you're finished!  These are perfect for people who travel who would like a nice smelling hotel room.  You can also put these in your car, bathroom, you decide.

How long it last varies, but I've heard reports from customers that there's have lasted at least 3 months.

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