My name is Christine Jolley.  I am former music teacher who left her 9-5 job for the freedom of working from home.  I started my Scentsy business in 2011 and enjoy how make people feel better with the comforting scents and happy emotions our fragrances bring up. 

I'm part artist, part Teacher, part Online Guru and Business Mentor, part life coach and spiritual ass kicker.   You will always get 100% the real me.

I'm also an American expat currently living it up in London, England for the last 15 yrs.  I'm a creative at heart so expect to see my art, writing, photography & mini films woven into this business.  If I am going to give you 100% the real me---You'll get the creative me, the messy imperfect me and the me that wants to help you succeed.  Not only do I want to help you relax and pamper yourself and feel better, but I want you to be better and be happier too.  I have overcome some huge obstacles both personally and professionally and have gained so much wisdom from it all that I want to share.   Every day I'm trying to do better and be better and live a full, happy and kick butt life and hopefully I"ll inspire you to do the same. 

I am a believer in BIG DREAMS.

I have made some pretty amazing things happen in my life---whether it be trekking through the jungles of Thailand, Finishing the London Marathon or moving over 5k miles across the ocean with just one suitcase from Seattle to London--- I have done them all one baby step at a time.  I can teach you how to take those baby steps to whatever your heart desires.  I will never pretend to have all the answers.  But my commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning and to keep it real and honest as I go.

Much Love,

Christine xoxo


London Marathon 2011 finisher

 River Rafting through the jungles of Thailand

River Rafting through the jungles of Thailand

Living Life to the Full with the Colour Run 5k


My Scentsy Journey

I am a trained classical musican and used to conduct bands, choirs and orchestras as a teacher.   I also have spent time in the music business helping to support world class musicians be their best.   The universe had other ideas though and when the bad economy hit, it became harder and harder to find work.  Long Term Unemployment that was out of my control and my partner getting sick made things beyond tough.  I decided that I couldnt sit around anymore waiting for someone to hire me and help change things, so I took a big leap of faith.  A childhood friend on Facebook had mentioned to me about Scentsy coming to the UK in 2011.  I had known she had done very well with it financially, so I thought heck....why not give it a try.  I joined on launch day in the UK and was the 17th person to become a consultant in this country.  I had no idea how I was going to make Scentsy work because I didnt have a lot of people who I knew to host a party for me and didnt have a lot of funds for advertising.  I taught myself everything about online and did events to get the word out and then added basket parties and home parties later on.  4 yrs later----awards, earning 4 out of 6 incentive trips, hitting Scentsy Director and having an international team (Team World Wide Wickless) my persistence and hard work continues to pay off.  I'm now contributing financially again to the household and rebuilding myself after a rough patch in my life.  My knowledge I've gained in this journey has been able to help and inspire other Scentsy Consultants.  I've spoken at Scentsy EU convention in front of over 300 people and given training calls Europe wide to over 1k consultants.  I adore mentoring my team, albeit I'm not perfect,  I am in this journey with them and know that Scentsy is all about pitching in and helping each other.  I love how with Scentsy there is no areas or scripts---you just be yourself.  Your Success is My Success and Giving Back is a big part of my philosophy in my business.    This journey is continuously changing but has given me friendships, confidence, experiences I've never had before, leadership skills, financial blessings and amazing trips.   It hasnt been easy but nothing life changing ever is.   I know that if you join Scentsy this will be far #MorethanWax for you too.  I'll be here to cheer you on and support you in every way I can.

Christine x