1 yr Scentsiversary: Lessons

I've been seeing a lot of my fellow Scentsy consultants post recently about how this last year since joining Scentsy has been the best year of their lives.  For me I think of that ever famous quote from Tale of Two Cities, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times".  If I can be honest this last year hasn't been as easy for me as it has some of the others .  I've thought of giving up with Scentsy many many times which isn't surprising considering the first year is always the toughest for new businesses.  I've worked extremely hard and I'm not to where I wanted to be in a year.  Part of me has struggled with jealousy and a little bit of resentment towards those who've found it easy.  I wanted to find something for once easy and to succeed so badly.  I felt like I had paid my dues with the years of career struggles, unemployment and sheer burden of trials I've dealt with and that I deserved to finally have something come to me.  Well the universe always has different ideas about the speed of a person's progress.  I've been forced to learn patience with Scentsy.  I don't think its the universe's way of punishing me...but making it so when I finally do well (which it will come)....and that things do progress....it will be all the more sweeter. On the other hand---I haven't completely failed this year.....I need to give myself credit for the successes I've had......I DO have a team and I DO have a wonderful bunch of customers...... its the first time I've had a regular income in FOUR years.  Its not perfect yet but its a start and I'm really really grateful for what I do have. 

This year has been the year for personal growth... I've grown LEAPS and BOUNDS as a person.  I've done things I never expected I'd do.  I never imagined I'd be getting out and doing events, shows and putting myself out there to spread the word about Scentsy.  I'm learning to get over fears and to believe in myself again.  Going through as much as I have is such a hit to someone's self confidence.  Through Scentsy I'm realising that I have a lot more to give than I initially thought, that I can make a difference in people's lives....that I can be the one to make a difference.  I'm finding a purpose again and slowly getting myself out of a very tough and big hole I've been in.

I've made friends with people through Scentsy....and I've even thrown parties believe it or not!  Shy little...anti-social me....has thrown parties! 

Even if I don't win awards or qualify for the free trips and bonuses because of sales or recruits (yet)......the gift of personal growth I've gained this year is worth more than all these combined.  I believe there's a reason Scentsy came into my life.....but I know that there's so much more to look forward to with it in future. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity and grateful for this huge blessing.  I know my story is just one of many who talk of the blessing this company has been.  I know that if you decide to take the leap and Join Scentsy whether it be next week, sometime this year or 5 yrs down the line....the journey will be different for all of you....but still just as wonderful as my experience has been so far. 



Thank You Scentsy.  Here's to many more years in future. xoxoxo