101 Reasons to Join Scentsy

101 reasons to Join Scentsy:

1.  Increased confidence

2.  Extra money or income for you and your famly

3.  You get me as your Scentsy sponsor and you get to be a party of my growing and wonderful team. 

4.  You get the amazing ADIE MITCHELL Scentsy extraordinaire as your Super Star Director.  Adie is one of the top leaders in Scentsy.

5.  Every year you get world class training at our World Tour and Convention events

6.  When you make Director you qualify for the yearly Director Leadership Retreats.  This year they went to Mexico.  When was your last office training day at the beach?

7.  You can be the one to make a difference in someones life. 

8.  You can have a year like this. 

9.  Its very likely you'll get to meet Heidi and Orville Thompson, the owners of Scentsy and most inspirational people on the planet. 


10.  You can use Scentsy to help a charity or cause of your choice.  Here's a Video of Scentsy helping raise 1/2 million for Breast Cancer.

11.  You can wear pajama's to work.

12.  You won't miss your son's school performance or game again because you were stuck in traffic.

13.  You get to push your boundaries, get out of your comfort zone and do things you never thought possible.

14.  You get free  and 50% Scentsy products  whenever you want

15.  Your friends list on Facebook will triple with all your new Scentsy friends

16.  You will actually get support at your job every step of the way.  I'll be your biggest cheerleader.

17.  You'll see more of your town than you thought possible with all the events and Scentsy parties you'll go to.

18.  You can be confident because you know that Scentsy products are quality.

19.  You'll be chatting to fellow consultants nearly every week on our Facebook support group.

20.  You get to party for your job.

21.  You'll learn about social media and how to be found online to help your business.  ALL FOR FREE

22.  You'll get to take your own Scentsy Buddy on an adventure of your own. 

23.  Partners sock drawers will never smell better with the Scentsy Scent Pak you gave him for Christmas

24.  Speaking of Christmas, gift buying will be a lot easier for you. 

25.  You dont need to be good at selling to Join Scentsy

26.  You don't have to know a lot of people to Sell Scentsy.

27.  No more filling out endless job applications to find out they hired their friends over you who is better qualified.

28.   Even the Scent of the month is for Scentsy USA, you'll still secretly watch for the new scent of the month videos when they come out.  A few minutes of fun just for you every month. 

29.   You'll now know where the heck Meridian, Idaho is.  The home of Scentsy.

30.   As a Scentsy consultant, your children will qualify for school scholarships through the Scentsy foundation.

31.  Even if you have a full time job you can still do Scentsy

32.  Your lungs will love you more because there's no black soot with Scentsy or lead and the wax is food grade and biodegradable.

33.  Your pocket book will love you because of the savings you'll have when you Buy ScentsyScentsy barslast 60-80 hrs each and are more economical than jar candles.

34.  You'll own your own business.  No more reporting to anyone or depending on others for your success.

35.  You can sleep in till 11 if you want to and still get paid.

36.  All expense paid incentive trips.  This year we're off to Las Vegas.

37.  You'll have time to go the gym finally and lose the extra weight. 

38.  You'll be the coolest person on the block with your own Scentsy solid perfume

39.  No more worries about your house burning down.  There's no flame with Scentsy.

40.  You'll know what kind of reputation Scentsy has in the media.

41.  People will start saying how proud they are of you and how much growth they see you've made.

42.  You'll get excited and feel like a proud mum/papa when your team does well.

43.  You'll get all this in your starter kit plus 3 months free on your website.

44.  If you live outside of the UK you can still join my team.  I'm recruiting in the UK, Canada, Ireland, USA and Germany

45.  Scentsy is so new in Europe, there's A LOT of room to grow and do well.  Its a ground floor opportunity.

46.  Scentsy is one of the fastest growing companies and mentioned on the inc500.

47.  Scentsy has strong moral values including an emphasis on family, giving more than you take, authenticity and simplicity.

48.  You finally can get those credit cards paid off.

49.  Your Scentsy story might inspire someone like this one did for me. 

50.  Scentsified and Scentsy spirit will enter your vocabulary.

51.  You'll be a pro at everything Scent related.  Your nose will be envied for miles around.  

52.  Low start up costs.  £84 in UK (£94 including shipping), $99 US/Can and 99Eur.  How many businesses have such a low start up cost.  Many Direct Sales companies charge £200 and up.

53.  Team incentives, not only do you get the possibility to earn big incentives with Scentsy but you can earn incentives within my team.

54.  Purple and Green will be your new favourite colour.  Scentsy colours.

55.  Very relaxed Sales quotas.

56.  Variety of Scentsy products to sell.

57.  Endless opportunities for advancement.  Even when you reach Superstar Director, you still have opportunity to increase your income levels.

58.  Scentsy products sell themselves.

59.  Flexibility----YOU PICK THE HOURS

60.  You are entitled to recruit wherever Scentsy is open including any new countries.  Think of the possibilities of being able to recruit worldwide and the friends you'll make.

61.  New Scentsy catalogue twice a year.

62.  You'll wake up one day and realise how much fun you are having in your life.

63.  You deserve this.

64.  No matter how hard you look on Google you won't find anything negative written about Scentsy.  Believe me I've tried. ;)

65.  Easy to understand compensation plan that starts out at 20%.

66.  No previous experience needed.

67.  I'm always hiring.  What companies are always hiring especially in this economy?

68.  Speaking of economy, Scentsy grew during the recession. 

69.  You don't need to know how to get started with Scentsy I will teach you everything.

70.  You dont need to dress up or memorize any scripts for events or parties.

71.  Your FB page will be full of pictures of trips, training, events and just amazing experiences with Scentsy.  Your friends will be jealous.

72.  Even celebrities love Scentsy

73.  Your kids will start dressing up their Scentsy Buddy.

74.  You'll find reasons to put Scentsy in every room of the house.

75.  Because working at home is just better.

76.  You can reclaim you again.

77.  You can afford that spa treatment every now and then.

78.  Scentsy is trendy

79.  You need a bit of excitement again in your life.

80.  Scentsy is far cooler than Avon.

81.  You'll have endless hrs of fun making Scentsy samples

82.  You'll have excuses to clean  your house for the occasional Scentsy party.

83.  You might find yourself in a National Magazine as part of their Christmas gift guide. 

84.  You'll be joining a company that has had yearly growth of at least 200% every year.

85.  You'll gain a sense of purpose.

86.  Because you've tried everything else already and this is something you know you could do.

87.  You'll get to make your own secret recipes with Scentsy bars.  Who wouldn't want fun like that.

88.  Minimal risk when you join...because there's  so little investment required there's a lot less risk.

89.  Scentsy is an award winning company.

90.  No inventory is required.  You can have a little stock on hand if you want, but no need to keep huge rooms of stock in your home.

91.  Because you know you want to.


93.  You've been looking for a way to change your life, now you've got it.

94.  You'll improve your relationship with your partner/husband.  They'll see how hard you work and they'll have a new appreciation and respect for you.

95.  Feel appreciated again.

96.  Be able to dress up like Scentsy products for Halloween

97.  You need the blessings.

98.  Anyone can do this

99.  You can afford to eat more than cereal for dinner.

100.  Save on travel costs, use it for that trip tahiti you've always wanted.

101.  Scentsy rocks!  What other reasons do you need?

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