5 reasons to join Scentsy this August

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Join Scentsy

Are you a stay at home mum or someone who is looking for an opportunity to earn some extra money in your spare time?  We've got all walks of life with Scentsy and have had teachers, lawyers who have quit their jobs across 3 continents to date.  You can do this business to fit around your life and work towards those extra things that you've always wanted but never have managed to accomplish before.  Want a holiday or that car you've never been able to afford...Scentsy can help.

Of course you can join 365 days a year Scentsy and I'd welcome you with open arms any of these days but August is a particularly important time of the year and extra special.  There's 5 reasons why I think you should join before the summer is gone:

1- Get extra kit for no extra cost:  These biz supplies would cost you more if you were to buy them at another time.  August you get spring/summer and August/Winter catalogues and testers for no extra charge.  You end up saving £50-75 you would have spent anyway.

2- Its the last Join Special Offer before Christmas:  There arent very many special offers on your starter kit throughout the year, usually they only happen in August and February.  August is an opportunity for you to get settled before the business of the holiday season approaches.  I'd really recommend having that extra time so you can get parties booked before Christmas or get a stall at a table.

3- Its when the qualification starts for May Incentive:  Every year there's two incentive trips, one in January and one in late Spring and the one in late spring is the main one.  This last May I went to Greece and the year before I went on a Mediterranean Cruise.  The qualification starts in August and if you want to earn free trips for yourself August is the time to do it.

4-People are thinking about parties:  The quickest way to success with Scentsy is parties and August people are starting to wrap up the holidays, settle down from their summer fun and get in the mindset for fall.  Parties will be easier because the weather will be changing and the holidays will be coming just around the corner.

5- Autumn/Winter Catalogue is just round the corner:  The Autumn/Winter Scentsy Catalogue is the most popular catalogue all year and you've only got a few weeks to wait until you can sell. 

August is easiest to join and in a prime position to set up your success.  If you're interested be sure to get in touch.  Also this offer applies to Scentsy globally including Australia, USA, etc so do get in touch if you've been thinking about becoming a Scentsy Consultant and joining the best team there is!!