Broadway Market East London

Broadway Market:

James and I went to Broadway Market this afternoon out in East London.  Its kind of tricky to get to like Columbia Road Market so isnt on the usual tourist route.  Its mostly locals who go but its oh so chic and trendy and fun.  East London and Shoreditch has this reputation now as being very trendy and creative.  There was a lot of eco friendly stalls, vintage stalls and organic food stalls.  The cafe's and little shops alongside were super cute.  We went and had a gorgeous burger at the market cafe near Regent's canal. I really loved it to be honest.  Its my goal to see loads more of London that I havent seen which surprisingly is a lot.  I want an excuse to take more pictures this year so hopefully it will give you something to look forward to on this blog too instead of all Scentsy stuff which I want to get away from.  Not that the Scentsy stuff is bad of course but I'd rather you spent the time getting to know me better than slinging wax.  I'd love to hear where you think I should go and take some pictures here in London?  Let me know in the comments below. Was sure nice to see something different, I cant believe the fact I've lived here in London UK for 14 yrs and I'm still seeing new places constantly like Broadway Market.

Broadway Market London
Broadway Market London
East London
East London
Broadway Market, UK
Broadway Market, UK
Broadway Market London
Broadway Market London
Broadway Market London
Broadway Market London
Broadway Market London
Broadway Market London
East London
East London
London UK
London UK
Broadway Market London
Broadway Market London

The one where I finally hit Scentsy Director

Towards end of last month my team sales numbers seemed unusually high.  I wasnt complaining but wasn't used to it either.  Last Day of October, Halloween  it was only a few hundred away.  I most definitely thought people would have been tapped out and gotten all their orders in but no.....with a combination of last minute PWS orders and the team rallying together....we did it in the final hours with 10,006 in sales in just one month. I actually had gone to bed thinking it didn't happen.  I got up to pee about 3 am and noticed my phone had like a bazillion messages from my Superstar Director and Sponsor Adie and then realised it had happened.  I burst into tears in the pitch black in the bathroom and just the light from my phone.  Everyone contributed and every order whether big or small mattered which is the great thing about working so closely with a team in Scentsy.  I felt so proud of each and everyone of them who have come so far personally. Nothing compares when you get a chance to see others succeed alongside you.  

why would I cry?  because I thought it would never happen.  I've been with Scentsy for almost 4 years since April 2014 and I saw so many people get to Director quicker it always seemed.  I was always happy for them don't get me wrong...this was never a jealousy thing but I struggled to focus on my own journey for some reason. It didn't help that when I joined Scentsy, I was already burnt out with a failed music career and long term unemployment difficulties.  My sense of self was completely shattered and I was already used to failing.  I kept going but was trying to find my own voice.  My partner got very sick with his health and just everything felt overwhelming.  It got to the point where I had to switch off the majority of feeds from Scentsy friends in Facebook because it was distracting me.  I kept seeing their journeys and needed to find my own voice...which is why I turned the other voices I was hearing off for a while. It wasn't malicious or jealousy....just doing what I had to do to keep my head quiet so I could figure out my own path.  I did wonder often if I was cut out for this, with how quick some moved with all this and why I had to wait.  I was working so hard and wondered what I was doing to make this go so slow.  I wanted financially independence  and I heard so many stories of how some of the US now Superstar Directors hit 6 figures in less than 5 years.  I wondered what was wrong with me at times. 

ive been working a lot on myself recently, reading self improvement books and have made huge growth in figuring out myself and thinking about things.  IF this had happened sooner, my heart wouldn't have known how to receive it if that makes any sense.    I wasn't ready and there's no way I could have handled the extra responsibilities whilst my partner was so sick.  My partner is home now after being gone for 7 months in a treatment facility.....I find it interesting that two weeks after he came home, I hit Director.  I think everything has a reason and the universe has a divine timing for things.  Although it was slower than some (quicker than quite a few), Im glad it has happened now and not sooner.  Im much more of a leader than if I hit Director in 6 months or less and I've been through hell and back which I can use to help and mentor the women and men on my team.  Scentsy is so much more than wax and it's an opportunity to serve and change lives.  The wax and the commissions are just an avenue to help us do it. 

There's definitely a reason why I was blessed with Scentsy in my life.  It's given me so much more than a commission check every month.  It's hard to describe what this whole thing is about to someone brand new or thinking about wanting to join.  What you mean Im going to become a better person you say?  I just need a few extra quid for a trip to Disneyworld.  That's the thing in life is that the universe always has other plans and what you least expect may be the biggest blessing Youve ever had. So grateful for all of this, so grateful I never gave up because...boy there was a lot of moments I wanted to.  I kept going, pushed through all the crap and here I am. Director is no where near the end of the journey for me, it's only really just the beginning. 

Christine Jolley
Christine Jolley

Me in 2011 when Scentsy had just opened in the UK with Heidi and Orville at Convention.

Christine Jolley, Scentsy Director
Christine Jolley, Scentsy Director

Me in October 2014.

Scentsy Incentive Trip: Italy

The last country we went to was Italy and we had stops in Florence, Pisa and Rome.  There wasnt much time in either but I had been to these countries before which was nice so I didnt feel too bad.  Rome I went off on my own and went and had afternoon tea at the Spanish Steps, went to Villa Borghese to see the city and I just had a fantastic time.  Italy is one of my most favourite places on the planet and this was the most enriching, glorious part of the whole trip.

I wish I could really explain in words how much this trip meant to me.  At the end of the trip I felt strong, confident and relaxed.  This trip had kept me going and inspired for an entire year which I am just so grateful about.  I would have never gone on a cruise in my lifetime were it not for Scentsy.

I look forward to the other experiences I will be having in future incentive trips.  I think that's the best thing about Scentsy is that you really never know what to expect and how much you'll grow and accomplish as a person and this doesnt even include your business....Its been very much a spiritual journey with Scentsy and one that you'll find too when you join.  I've had some very big ups and downs with Scentsy but I would never change anything and I do believe there was a reason I was led to it.  Call it crazy sounding or stupid but nothing is by accident and I truly feel that Scentsy has just been a very big gift in my life.

I cant believe its been a month since the trip and as I look back on the pictures I've posted in the last few days my heart wishes I was back there and that every day was incentive trip day.  But where one thing ends there's always a beginning and other things to look forward onward and upward and one must embrace what's coming.

Anyway....Enjoy the pics:

Scentsy Incentive Trip UK
Scentsy Incentive Trip UK
Scentsy Europe Incentive Trip Italy
Scentsy Europe Incentive Trip Italy

Some of my time on the cruise ship:


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Scentsy Incentive Trip: The French Riviera

Once we got on the cruise ship (Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas---HUGE), we had little excursions planned.  The first one was to the French Riviera.  I had been to the south of France..Nice...before but hadn't seen much else.  We had a bit of time to wander through Cannes which I was there a week before the international film festival which they were setting up for and getting the beaches celebrity ready.  We then boarded a tour bus and went through some of the most windiest roads in my life (nearly got car sick) but saw some pretty gorgeous and stunning scenery including some seaside villages St Raphael and Frejus.  It was very very hot and humid here.  We were given Scentsy sunscreen (Havana Cabana...smells sooooooo good) but still managed to get sunburned and not drink enough on this leg.  There wasn't much to do in these little cities but I'm very glad I got to see what I did.  Apparently another Scentsy sister got to see Steven Spielbergs yacht who was one of the judges this year at Cannes.  Although the heat was a bit tiring the scenery was worth it and I did enjoy having it be warm for once.  The weather here in the UK has been really horrid this year and it was just nice to be around so much sun.  We did get rained on in Frejus but it didnt stop people from getting ice-cream---typical English eh?  LOL

Anyway tomorrow I shall post of the best parts of the trip!!


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