Scentsy Crystal Wax Collection


Scentsy Crystal Wax Collection:  

This limited-edition assortment is a one-of-a-kind gem: Five new Scentsy Bar fragrances inspired by the positive attributes of crystals, one of today’s most popular trends! Through the liveliness and allure of these exclusive fragrances, and even the vivid colours of our wax, the Crystal Wax Collection expresses in scent what we all desire in our world — to experience the good, the uplifting, the positive. What better time for optimism than now?

The Scentsy Crystal Wax Collection will be available for a limited time only in mid June 2018.    These special collections tend to sell out quickly so please keep tabs on social media to find out when things are coming exactly!

Bring Back My Bar Scentsy UK winners 2018


Bring Back my Bar 2018 Winners:

You guys voted for your favourite discontinued Scentsy Bars to return for a short time and here are the winners after over 460k votes were cast:

Atlas Cedar Scentsy Bar

Awakening Scentsy Bar

BananaBerry Scentsy Bar

Hendrix Scentsy Bar

Panettone Scentsy Bar

Pear Blossom Scentsy Bar

Red Ginger Flower Scentsy Bar

Rockin' Ruby Razz Scentsy Bar

Simply Rose Scentsy Bar

Skinny Dippin' Scentsy Bar

Thunderstorm Scentsy Bar

Whiteout Scentsy Bar

All 12 fragrances will be available mid to end of July.  Each Bring Back My Bar is £7.25/€8.75, or choose from the options below and save:

-Twin Pack (2 Scentsy Bars, same fragrance): £13.50/€16.50 (£1/€1 off)
-6 Scentsy Bars: £36.25/€43.75 (Buy 5, get 1 free)
-All 12 fragrances: £72.50/€87.50 (£14.50/€17.50 off) 

To purchase keep an eye out for updates or contact Christine:

Discontinued List February 2018

The new Scentsy 2018 catalogue is coming on March 1st and to make room for all of the amazing new things coming Scentsy is discontinuing the following items.  (See list below). These will only be available until the end of February and then will be gone forever.  You will also be able to get these items for 10% off for one month during our Annual Feb sale offer.  In the meantime check out our Bring Back My Bar scents available till 31 January and my new favourite scentsational scent Black Currant Bubbly.  



ENTICE Diffuser Shade

Calavera Scentsy Warmer

CLARET Scentsy Warmer

ASPEN GROVE Scentsy Warmer


FRUIT CRATE Scentsy Warmer

URBAN Luster Scentsy Warmer


Fitzgerald Scentsy Warmer

Isabella Scentsy Warmer

Carrey Scentsy Warmer


Scentsy Bars:

Cinnamon Bear

Cinnamon Vanilla

Clove & Cinnamon

Cozy Fireside

Cranberry Garland

Crisp Orchard Air

Custard Apple

Eskimo Kiss

Festive Spice

Frosted Ginger Cookie

Frosted White Birch

Gingerbread Donut

Glacial Ice

Holly Berry Cinnamon

Homestead Holiday

Hug in a Mug

Ice Hotel

Mandarin Moon

Orange Clove Pomander

Painted Leaves

Peppermint Rush

Pink Currant and Birchwood

Pomegranate Pear

Pretty & Plum

Silver Bells



Spiced Berries

Spiced Fruit Cider

Spiced Pear

Sweet Cream Spice

Toasted Coconut Amaretto

Vanilla Oud

Very Merry Cranberry


 Scentsy Essential and Natural Oils: 

Lavender Orange Blossom 100% Natural Oil

Vanilla Cinnamon Clove 100% Natural Oil


 Scentsy Scent Paks: 

Autumn Sunset

Ice Hotel

Spiced Berries

Very Merry Cranberry


 scentsy Car Bars: 

Christmas Cottage

Eskimo Kiss

Silver Bells


Sugared Cherry

Sweet Cucumber


 Scentsy Pods: 

Christmas Cottage

Eskimo Kiss


 Scentsy Kids: 

Cammy the Cat + Newborn Nursery Fragrance Scentsy Sidekick

Mollie the Monkey + Gleeful Grape Fragrance Buddy Clip

Murphy the Mouse + Newborn Nursery Fragrance Scentsy Sidekick

Percy the Penguin Scrubby Buddy

Wellington the Duck Scrubby Buddy


 Scentsy Laundry :

Fresh Cut Daisies Laundry Liquid

Fresh Cut Daisies Washer Whiff

Scentsy Bath Bombs

Scentsy Bath Bombs:


 Scentsy bath bombs are coming to Europe soon.  

Scentsy Bath Bombs are going to be available in North America first and are coming 1st November.  The Bath Bombs are in their final shipping test phase for Europe, Australia and New Zealand to make sure they can handle the journey across the pond.  

 Scentsy Bath Bombs are handcrafted (like literally) at our state-of-the-art facility in Idaho,  USA.  The bath bombs will be formulated with a blend of premium vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients to help moisturise and soften your skin. They will include gorgeous ingredients to pamper yourself like sunflower oil, aloe vera, shea butter, kaolin and olive oil and will be available in some of Scentsy's most popular fragrances.  

So watch this space for more news coming for our Europe release!