One Republic to Perform at Scentsy North America Convention


Superstar Group 'One Republic' has been booked for the North American Scentsy Convention on 21 July 2015.   They will perform that Tuesday around 6pm.  The Concert is open to registered Scentsy Consultants only.  If you'd like an opportunity to have your own free private concert with groups like One Republic in future---request an info pack about becoming a Scentsy Consultant and join team world wide wickless today.   Scentsy have had Train, Kelly Clarkson, Sara Bareilles and others perform exclusively for consultants at past Scentsy events.  Does your office or day job give you a chance for free concerts with your favourite groups? Didnt think so!  So sign up and lets get you started today!!!

For more information about the schedule this year including the amazing guest speakers and breakout sessions visit


Thoughts on Tenerife: Scentsy EU Incentive 2015

Well, I never intended to get behind on blogging this bad but I have and havent even written about the Scentsy Incentive Trip.  You can see the pictures in the previous post so hopefully with the words here you'll get a bigger picture of what actually happened!

I've never been to Tenerife and wasnt sure what to expect.  I didnt stay any extra time only the time allotted for the trip through Scentsy.  Tenerife is in the Canary Islands near Africa and has quite a bit of Spanish influence.  When we landed I noticed how desert it looked and dry.

Our hotel was about a 10-15 minute walk from the beach although we had a pool in the 5 star hotel that sufficed.

When I arrived I didnt have much time to get ready for the welcome drinks and nibbles out next to the pool. It was nice to see everyone again---So many hugs.  Scentsy people especially in Europe sure like to hug!  We did lots of catching up with friends we only get to see at official Scentsy events so it was nice!  We then went to dinner in the main dining room which was a gorgeous buffet.  I had the salmon which was absolutely glorious and healthy too!

The next day we went to the Marina for a dolphin/whale watching boat tour.  Scentsy had rented out an entire catamaran, well more like a party boat with live DJ.   It was perfect until the waves started going and I got super sea sick.  Ended up being a bit of a rough ride for most of the time but I did get to see a dolphin out of the corner of my eye.  I would have done it again though because the memories of Scentsy sisters holding my hair back was something I'll remember for the rest of my life and will always bring up giggles when I think about it!  Well I was planning on putting on sun screen on the boat but by the time I remembered, I was too sick to do it and got super sun burned too. 

Evening were spent in the hotel lobby usually---THere were a lot of impressionist singers and the funniest was the Neil Diamond singer----I swear the Scentsy group of consultants were the loudest and most obnoxious there that's for sure but boy was it a lot of laughs.

The 2nd full day we had the awards breakfast.  I was pretty excited because they passed out Bring Back My Bar and I got some of my favourite Scentsy Bars on the planet that remind me of my childhood with my grandmother---Orange Dreamsicle. 

After Breakfast we had some free time and then the afternoon we spent on a jungle safari through Teide National Park.  Teide is the national park there where the active volcano is plus its an absolute gorgeous forest too.  The trees happen to be fireproof which I thought was really cool how mother nature has adapted to harsh conditions over time.  Seriously when you think about it?  Wood being fireproof?  How freaking cool is that!!!  We stopped along the way several times and the terrain was very different.  It looked a bit like a gorgeous forest in parts but then like Mars in other parts too.  Teide was my favourite part of the trip for sure. 

We stopped for lunch at a gorgeous restaurant with a view of the volcano and had the best meal we had on the entire trip---It was Spanish Tapas---Meat and Cheese Boards, little nibbles.  Seriously was my most favourite meal and was our most authentic food from Tenerife we had.

The third day was free day----I went around and wandered the little village and took pictures many of which you can see in the previous post.  I then sat next to the pool and just read and did nothing before it was time to go to our Farewell Dinner.  Scentsy had rented out the nicest restaurant on the entire island and not only that but had hired dancers and a drum line from the Tenerife Carnival which is a big freaking deal.  After the entertainment we had a very fancy meal and then a disco where we danced very late into the night.  The restuarant was right next to the sea and there were palm trees and watching the sun set over the water was just absolutely gorgeous.

The next day was time to leave so a short trip but absolutely amazing!

Scentsy incentive trips I always end up coming away feeling better about myself, rested, relaxed and loved.  They are really life changing experiences and even if I wasnt paid a cent, I would stay for the trips with Scentsy.  Cant wait till the next trip which hopefully fingers crossed will be Leadership in January in Mexico!

Scentsy Incentive Trip Tenerife 2015: In pictures

I've been home from Tenerife for just over a week.  I've posted quite a few pictures from my mobile phone and videos on my Facebook Page but these are my film pictures that just came back yesterday.  If you know me well you'll know that I am an avid photography junkie and love in particular vintage and film cameras.  I took these with a Yashica Mat and Kodak film.  Why do I take film pictures when its probably easier to do digital?  I feel like I'm creating a piece of art with these and they require me to slow down and think about what I'm doing.  Its a bit of a meditation for me film photography and I'm getting better with it each time I take her out for a spin.   I will write more about the incentive trip but often times my feelings are better portrayed with pictures anyway.  If you'd like to earn a free incentive too do contact me. 

Scentsy Europe Incentive 2015

El Teide National Park, Fireproof Trees

Scentsy Europe Incentive 2015
Hanging out with the owners of Scentsy, Heidi and Orville Thompson

Hanging out with the owners of Scentsy, Heidi and Orville Thompson

El Teide is home of an active volcano!

El Teide is home of an active volcano!


Visitors Centre El Teide National Park

Scentsy Europe Incentive 2015
El Teide

El Teide

Scentsy Europe Incentive 2015
Scentsy Europe Incentive 2015
Scentsy UK Incentive Tenerife 2015
Scentsy Europe Incentive 2015
Scentsy UK Incentive Tenerife 2015

Gorgeous Flowers


Costa Adeje Gran Hotel----5 star hotel, free thanks to Scentsy

Beautiful Atlantic Ocean where Dolphins swim!!

Scentsy UK Incentive Tenerife 2015

Scentsy Leadership 2015: Thoughts

So its been a few weeks since I returned from the Scentsy Leadership Retreat in Cancun Mexico at the Moon Palace Resort and Spa.  I was a Can Do Cancun Trip Winner so I didn't have to pay anything for my trip.  In fact I figured it out and only ended up spending a grand total of £90 and that included an unexpected night in Canada with -30 degree weather and an excursion on my last day in Mexico.

Travel has always been an important part of my life.  I love getting off the beaten track although I do love the pampering as well. 

The trip was quite short, I spent more time traveling there than I did actually being there but the 3 days I was there was pretty amazing.

Next year I'm going to spend a lot longer.  Due to the whole jet lag thing for one and the distance, I really want to make it a proper yearly trip of mine.  I think I'll end up visiting more and more of Mexico each time.  There's so many things I didnt get to see like Tulum and in the surrounding Yutacan Peninsula there's a lot. About 1/2 of the leadership was training, 1/2 relaxing.  I spent 1/2 a day at the pool and then a full day travelling to Coba, the Cenote Ik Kil and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza.  I LOVED it and especially climbing up to the top of Coba was a real highlight for me.  I would have never been able to afford a trip like this without Scentsy's help.  The Moon Palace Resort is £500 a night.  I just cannot afford this, what real people can afford it to be honest? It was all inclusive, food, drinks and cocktails, everything. 

The first day I felt quite overwhelmed with all of the people.  I felt like a little fish in a big pond.  There were so many Scentsy consultants there from the USA and Canada and I didnt know any of them.  People were talking about their huge team sizes and how well they were doing and I felt awkward and out of place and probably a little tired because of jet lag.

Lunch was for the Can Do Cancun winners which was myself.  It was nice to have a little awards lunch and they served a mix of Mexican and other foods.

The afternoon I had the privilege of hearing John O'Leary speak.  I then realised why I was meant to go to Leadership to hear him.  The things he talked about were things I've been struggling with recently in my life and he talked about hope and changing our perspective from being a victim to a victor.  Everything he said really helped me a lot. He spoke at the USA Scentsy Convention as well.  Here's a snippet of that talk.  I'd encourage you to read anything you can about John as he's so inspirational.  Everything he talked about hit my heart quite deeply.

Tuesday Night was free night so I went and had dinner and just relaxed.

Wednesday was 1/2 day of Breakout Sessions.  I went and heard my dear friend from the UK, Jacqui talk about leadership and connection and kindness.  She talked about how we need to work on our inside selves first and our external businesses and lives will follow.  I REALLY needed it, really needed to hear what she said. I then went to another session by Joal Curtis where he talked about leadership styles which was fantastic.  I then went to an organisational and goal setting session.   Each session there was a lot of aha moments and I felt good and like I needed to hear it.

Wednesday afternoon I spent the entire afternoon next to the pool.  I then went and had dinner and was unexpectedly joined by Heidi and Orville Thompson the owners of Scentsy.  Just me and them talked for 30-40 minutes and it meant the WORLD because they took a real interest in my life and how I was doing.  Not a lot of CEO's for Direct Selling really give a crap about their consultants or even see their consultants regularly.  If you want to know what makes Scentsy different its Heidi and Orville. 

We then had a Neon Party to go to.  I may have joined a Conga Line at one point.  I laughed a lot and really relaxed and had a great time I tell you.  I DANCED and just let loose.  It was fun and even more fun when the heavens OPENED and we all got soaked wet to the core.  It was like a scene out of Jaws with everyone running and screaming to get inside.

The last day I spent all of Thursday on the bus going to the different sites I mentioned earlier.  We then had a farewell dinner that I was late to but managed to get there for a little bite to eat.  I missed the fireworks but it was ok, it was such an amazing day to be had for sure.  My Favourite moments from Thursday was riding a bike through the jungles of Coba, Climbing Coba and seeing all the cute little Mayan villages on the way to Chichen Itza.  I really wanted to stop and wander through these villages.  Cancun is pretty touristy (I saw signs for WalMart) and I felt like I just touched on seeing part of the real Mexico.  It made me want to return which is the sign of a very good trip.

Friday was travelling home.  A few of us missed our connecting flight in Montreal so ended up having to stay the night in -30 weather.  It was a bit annoying but I had had so much fun in Mexico, I don't think it mattered that much to me.

It was nice to connect with people and I felt quite a bit of love especially from the other UK Scentsy Consultants.  It was nice to build friendships which is something I've never really had much of an opportunity to do in my life.

Was it worth it?  Heck yes.  Will I do it again?  Heck yes but will stay much longer for sure. 

I still cant believe that the trip only cost me £90 in total.  Lots of blessings and so grateful Scentsy continues to give me opportunities like this that I'd never have otherwise.