Scentsy Bath Bombs : Now Here

Scentsy Bath Bombs

Scentsy Bath Bombs / Balls have arrived from the USA for our 2018 Summer Collection.  There's 7 flavours available:  Beach Daisy, Life is Swell, Luna, Pink Promenade,  Sea Salt + Avacado, Shimmer, Simply Rose.   

Our handcrafted (hand formed) Bath Balls offer more than just a pretty fizz. Inspired fragrances soothe your senses while premium vitamin-rich moisturisers help nourish and soften your skin.


Fill the bathtub with water, add a Scentsy Bath Ball (don't forget to remove the plastic wrap!) and watch it dissolve while it infuses the water with fragrance and colour. Then settle in and enjoy your favourite Scentsy fragrance, along with moisturising oils and plenty of fizz.

150g each, £9.75

Scentsy Bath Bombs

Scentsy Bath Bombs:


 Scentsy bath bombs are coming to Europe soon.  

Scentsy Bath Bombs are going to be available in North America first and are coming 1st November.  The Bath Bombs are in their final shipping test phase for Europe, Australia and New Zealand to make sure they can handle the journey across the pond.  

 Scentsy Bath Bombs are handcrafted (like literally) at our state-of-the-art facility in Idaho,  USA.  The bath bombs will be formulated with a blend of premium vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients to help moisturise and soften your skin. They will include gorgeous ingredients to pamper yourself like sunflower oil, aloe vera, shea butter, kaolin and olive oil and will be available in some of Scentsy's most popular fragrances.  

So watch this space for more news coming for our Europe release!