A Celtic Love Knot

St Patricks Day is this weekend and what better way to celebrate than show you the Celtic Love KnotScentsy Warmer which is brand new to the Spring Catalogue.  Its embossed and distressed Celtic Knot pops on an emerald green background, accented by Irish cable details around the warmer dish. 

Celtic Knot Scentsy Warmer
Celtic Knot Scentsy Warmer

I have to admit I had no idea what a Celtic Love Knot actually was until I looked it up.  Apparently they began around 450 A.D. and was used by early Christians to decorate their manuscripts before it began to take on a different meaning. 

The Love Knot or the Eternity Knot represents two soul by interweaving two strands.  "Its common in Celtic wedding rings which portray two unbroken loops that intertwine and are inseparable from each other. They also symbolize the never-ending cycle of life with their intricate and interwoven patterns that have no end or beginning. The crossings in a love knot often depict the spiritual meaning of life."  (Taken from Buzzle)

So there you go....the meaning of a Celtic Love Knot. 

I'd love to go to Ireland one day and see more Celtic artwork like this and of course the GORGEOUS scenery:


pic from HERE

There's a great chance that sometime in the future our Convention may be held in Ireland.  I can't wait as I'd LOVE to go...who wouldn't???   Must buy myself a Celtic Love Knot Warmer to get in the mood don't you think?

Happy St Patricks Day. x