A Scentsy Buddy Adventure: Off to GOSH

Scentsy Buddy.jpg

Scentsy Buddies pose for a picture before their big day

From Left to Right:  Patch the Dog, Ollie the Elephant, Ribbert the Frog, Penny the Pig and Pooki the Polar Bear.

Once upon a time there lived 9 Scentsy Buddies.  The loved to play together and were the Best Buddies in the Whole Wide World.  But what they really wanted was to find people that could love them esepcially before Christmas.  They asked their scentsational Scentsy friend 'Christine' to help.  She found out some very sick children at Great Ormond Street Hospital needed cuddly scented friends this Christmas to make them feel better.  She then asked everyone she knew far, far across the land to help make this possible.  Five wonderful people said YES and donated directly or through their holiday shopping. 

Christine then asked all the Scentsy Buddies who wanted to be the 5 Buddies to volunteer and Patch, Ollie, Ribbert, Penny and Pooki raised their hands shouting Me, Me! Pick Me!  Although Mollie the Monkey, Scratch the Cat, Roarbert the Lion and Lenny the Lamb couldn't go along, they knew they would find good homes soon and vowed to take good care of 'Christine' in the mean time. 

Christine got all 5 Scentsy Buddies ready for their big day to the hospital this week.  Because Ollie never likes to forget important things, he asked for a picture for his scrapbook to show his new friend at the Hospital his best Buddies in his new home when he gets there.  Penny, Ribbert, Pooki and Patch all got a copy too.  Once Best Buddies always Best Buddies and the picture would be their special keepsake to remember their good times playing together. x

On Wednesday this week the Scentsy Buddies made their way to Great Ormond Street Hospital.  They were very nervous but excited to see where their new homes would be and how happy they'd make some deserving children with their soft cuddly skin and scentsational scents.  Wasn't able to get a pic of their arrival at the GOSH charity offices but the nice people were very excited to welcome them!  With the smiles on their faces, the Buddies knew they were finally home. x

Thank you to all those who donated. x  For those who missed out, will be doing something similiar every year.  If you have a cause close to your heart you'd like to use Scentsy to raise money for, please contact me.

Not 'the end' but just the beginning.....Stay tuned for future Scentsy Buddy Adventures...........

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