Decor Inspiration: Union Jack

I get requests for a Union Jack Scentsy Warmer all of the time.  Unfortunately we dont have one (YET) here in the UK, but I can give you a bit of Inspiration for Warmers based off of the very cool, very British flag.  The Union Jack has been a great source of style inspiration for clothes, home decor and anything you can think of and its about time that I show you how to create a perfect British Look---Scentsy style:


Love the Flare Warmer and its bold red, the Bride is an off white but its got the perfect English Roses as a decor and the Azure is not quite the right Blue but its still Bold, Contemporary and will most definitely make a statement.

This is one of my favourite UK only Scentsy Scents, Red Ginger FLower which would be perfect with one of the 3 warmers I've picked.


So do you live in the U.K., what do you think about my picks?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. xoxoxo