Essential Oils for Anxiety and Depression


I have suffered from Anxiety and Depression all of my life.  Whilst I've currently got it under control, I am always having to do things daily to keep it at bay.   These 2 things are actually quite common things that people deal with now and I'm not sure if its just our modern day living is too much for our brains to handle or its just a combination of things.  Anyway before I get into the essential oils I want to share with you guys a bit of what I've done to tackle depression and anxiety.  I was at one point going to therapy and on pills but I found with especially the pills that they never actually solved everything and made me feel flat.  I'm not saying that you shouldn't go to the DR for pills but from experience I know there is a lot of things that can affect your mood that have nothing to do with chemical imbalance.  Having an arsenal of ideas and techniques to deal with this will help you manage things better and if going to therapy and drugs works for you go for it.  I have come to understand that throwing as much as you can at anxiety and depression and working on your inside you are the best long term things...but again discuss this with your doctor and do what's best for you.  I only am sharing my experiences.  

So what has helped me:

Diet and Water Intake:  I am trying to lose weight so I've been upping my water and changing what I eat and was shocked how much that helped my spirits.  Especially water, I didn't realise how much we're supposed to drink every day.  When I start to drag I drink a huge glass of water and I instantly feel better.  Also sugar---when I used to binge on crappy refined sweets my anxiety went through the roof.  Everything is connected guys so if you're feeling like crap check your diet and water.  I love herbal tea and find that chamomile and chai are especially relaxing

Sleep and Exercise:  More of the health stuff and controlling what you can control.  I was diagnosed with sleep apnea late last year and its taken a few months to get used to the CPAP machine but holy cow do I feel better.  I actually never really knew what it was like to have a good nights rest for as long as I can remember until I got the CPAP.  I started feeling so much better within my self.  Exercise...guys you know the drill if you move you feel better.  Even going outside for a walk will help out to the park.  I know its hard to get out when you feel like shit but you have to be brave and dare to be seen.  There's shame with Anxiety and Depression and if you've ever read Brene Brown's work you'll know that shame cant survive with vulnerability and allowing yourself to be seen!  So even a small walk to the park can have huge benefits.  

Meditation:  Depression messes with you BIG time with your thoughts.  Your thoughts will freaking lie to you and tell you that you're not worth it and crap.  Dont believe what your head is telling you and that is why meditation is CRUCIAL to feeling better.  I started doing Russell SImmons meditation app on my phone for 20 minutes a day and it has completely changed my life.   You'll find that a lot of big name CEOS and really successful people do meditation because you get more done in the stillness of everything and also can tap into your authentic YOU!!!  If 20 minutes seems too much start with 10 minutes and just close your eyes and focus on your breath.  You'll find this helps so much with shutting your head up and these obsessive thoughts!

Gratitude:  This has been especially transformational for me.  There's an APP called gratitude 365 that allows you to keep track of your daily gratitudes.  I do it in the morning and at night.  What it does is it turns your focus to abundance rather than the negative and lack.  Oprah says that you have to focus on what you want to increase in your life and what's going good not bad which is where this gratitude list comes in.  Try it for 1 week doing a gratitude list and notice how much better you feel and how you are actually TRAINING your brain chemistry for positive things! 

Pamper Time:  You need to take time to yourself and refill your bucket so that you have enough to give others!  Take time for you and find time to rest and relax.  Create a spa atmosphere in your home so that when you come home from work your home rises up to meet you.  I love using my Scentsy and that's the biggest reason people purchase our scents is because they have such a strong relation to relaxation and feeling better.  If it was my choice I'd use essential oils for my spa.  I have done a  bit of research (referred to on some of the best oils for Anxiety and Depression to use.  Remember I'm not a Dr so there's no guarantee any of these work but are just suggestions based on studies done.

Lavender:  best known for relaxation and especially great for a good nights sleep.  It is considered a nervous system restorative and helps with inner peace, panic attacks, restlessness, etc. 

Bergamot:   Has been shown to reduce cortisol stress effects in rats. 

Ylang Ylang:   Helps with Cheerfulness, Courage, Optimism and soothes fearfulness. 

Rose:  Has shown to reduce anxiety in pregnant women. 

Frankincense:  provides a calming and spiritual grounding and great for use during a meditation session.  

Chamomile:  benefits inner harmony, decreases overthinking and worry. 

Vetiver:    helps with self awareness, calmness and stabilisation



Here are some of our Scentsy Essential Oils that have these ingredients!!  You dont have to own a Scentsy diffuser to use them and can be used with your diffuser at home.  Click on the name to see more or to shop:

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This post should give you an arsenal of ideas and products to possibly feel better.  Remember though to take one day at a time and trust your abilities to get through it.  Do something every day that makes you happy and know that you are far, far more than your depression or anxiety.  You have such an opportunity to use your story (like I am doing now) to lift others up.  Turn your mess into your message and help someone who may be struggling get through it too.  If you need a friend don't forget to contact the Samaritans or you can come and find me on Facebook.  Sending you all so much love.  You are worth it damn it!!!