Free Scentsy GO Join Offer

Free Scentsy Go + Scentsy Pod when you Join in October:

When you join in Scentsy as a consultant, you will have the chance to earn a free Scentsy Go and one free Scentsy fragrance pod so you can use your Scentsy Go right away.  To earn it you need to sell 500 PRV (sales volume--not hard at all!) in your first 30 days as a Scentsy Consultant. 

It costs £85/€99 to join in Europe.  As part of your join kit you get:

  • A best-selling warmer
  • 80+ scented testers (which can be kept for samples)
  • Catalogues
  • Order forms
  • 3 months of your Personal Website (PWS) FREE, and just £10/€12/month after that.
  • Product samples
  • Even MORE business tools
  • A FREE gift!

With Christmas around the corner and being in our biggest two months with Scentsy this is a really good offer.

To join Scentsy click below.  If you live in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada or Mexico get in touch with me before you join so I can turn my website on for you to join.