Gone but Not Forgotten - Ode to the discontinued warmer

Gone but Not Forgotten

(Ode to the Discontinued Scentsy Warmer)




Little glowing lights from your core

Scents that remind of grandma's home baked cookies

the corsage Tom from 7th grade gym class pinned on your dress for spring fling

The cooking class you took in Thailand last summer

clean sheet day

Memories that define you



Blue, Black, Pink, Purple

Every colour, Every Design for Every person

Electric:  no flame, no more worries.

Married to your favourite bar...only you know the one.

Perfect union, harmony

warmth, relaxation, memories, love

when together



Out with the old

New seasons, new smells, new warmers

New memories

1 September


First Departure:

Toscana, Spyro

My first sale :  Onyx.  You'll always have a soft spot.


See you later in my kitchen

Grapevine :  I just couldn't love you

Strata, Sol, Spyro

Cemental, Circuit, Citron

Claremont, Delta....the list keeps going


Gone but not forgotten.


Nine days left

Nine Days to get your favourites.

You know the ones

You've been eyeing them for months and months

But life keeps getting ahead.


Save your pennies

10% off

Nine Days left

Save on your favourites

Nine Days

neun, Neuf, Nove


Gone but not forgotten.




For a complete list of all the discontinued warmers and scents.

10% Sale only happens twice a year in February and August.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to save on Scentsy especially before the holidays.