Great Ormond Street Scentsy Buddy Appeal

Scentsy Buddy Appeal GOSH
Scentsy Buddy Appeal GOSH

I've done this since 2011, collected Scentsy Buddies for Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital and their Christmas Toy Appeal.  Last Year I was able to give quite a few but this year I've started later so worried about being able to donate as many.  When you shop online with me you'll see a little link....Shop as Normal when you click on the link and 25% of the proceeds from these orders will go to get Buddies. You can also send me Buddies---direct.  You can order some and have them delivered to:

Christine Jolley

16 Colgate House

Armoury Road

London, SE8 4LG

If you look in the closeout section there's more Scentsy Buddies than there are new ones.  I'd also like to mention Roosevelt the Rabbit, He's a bit more than the other Buddies but the proceeds from this one go to Bliss (in the UK, others in Europe) and so this one is a double whammy....If you send this to me not only will it be helping Bliss but Great Ormond Street as well. 

Generosity is a bit part of Scentsy ethos and I really want to do some good for some kiddos.  It doesnt cost you anything extra, just regular shopping for your Scentsy goodness.

Looooove this time of year when we can make such a difference like this!!!