Hello Canada

Hello Canadians......according to my site stats.....you folks visit my site quite a bit.  When you visit you're probably wondering how you can buy your Scentsy products you love sooooo much or you love Scentsy and you want to become a consultant too and jump right in to starting your Scentsy journey.

Well guess what I can help you with both.

If you live in Canada I can't initially sell to you, but I CAN tell you who will.  No need to look further on Google.  CONTACT ME and I'll send you the name of a consultant.

If you're looking to join Scentsy and live in Canada...you can totally join my team.  If you're worried about me being in the U.K. and you in Canada...no need to worry...people join each others teams globally all the time.  Ever wonder about what you get for joining?  Here's a picture of the starter kit and it costs $119 to join.  The Starter Kit varies though...but this gives you an example:

Scentsy Canada Starter Kit
Scentsy Canada Starter Kit

Or if you're just stopping to say hello and happen to be Canadian....Hello right back at ya.  x  You can feel free to leave a comment below and tell me where you're from or join the discussion on Facebook.