Hitting the streets with Scentsy: around Greenwich (London, UK)

I hit the streets of London (UK) today for the 3 day in a row today with Scentsy in hand approaching businesses who might want to have Scentsy in their shops.  Scentsy makes a great addition to a business or office.  There's no flame so there's no fire hazard with Scentsy and its a great way to create a feeling of relaxation.  Today I hit Deptford and part of Greenwich that I hadn't been to yet.  I live in SE London and I find that there's so many quirky streets when you least expect.  Deptford High Street has a huge density of nail and beauty salons, so thus I spent quite a long time there.  Not sure if you've ever been to Greenwich here in the UK but its an amazing little village...enough so that in the 2012 Olympics the horse jumping event will be in our own Greenwich Park.  Love photography if you haven't noticed and what a perfect reason to take some photos whilst spreading the Scentsy love today.  It was a gloriously sunny spring day...sun is such a nice blessing when it comes to the UK.


Scentsy UK
Scentsy UK
London UK
London UK

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