Host a Scentsy Party

Host a Scentsy Party


......and earn Free Scentsy.


Types of parties:

1) Regular Party

I come to your house (if I live local to you) and show Scentsy.


If you don't live close by I can send you a loaner warmer, party supplies and everything you need to know about hosting and you can do it personally.  You will then post everything back to me with the return postage provided.


2) Basket Party

I give you Scentsy display items and tester pots of the most popular scents to take round to your friends, work, church, etc.


3) Online Party

I set up a link for you on my website.  You forward on the link to all your friends via e-mail, facebook, etc.


Do you need to live close to me (London) to book a party? 

No.  I can post you everything you need to have a party with paid return postage.  This applies to UK/Ireland/Germany only.


All 3 earn you free hostess rewards:


Guest Sales


Free Product = 10%

Half-Price Items = 1


Guest Sales


Free Product = 10%

Half Price Items = 2


Guest Sales


Free Product = 15%

Half Price Items = 3


Guest Sales


Free Product = %15

Half Price Items = 4


If you get attend a booking of one of your guests at your get an extra 1/2 price item added on to this amount as well.

So in practical terms:


You get 5 of your friends to buy a full size warmer which would be £150.

You would earn for this £15 in free product which would be 3 free Scentsy Bars, plus a warmer for yourself for £15.  If you paid for this without hostess rewards it would cost you £45 + shipping.  Hosting a party would get you a warmer and 3 bars for £15 and this doesn't even include the extra 1/2 price item if one of your guests book.


Hosting makes a lot of economical scents to me!