How many Scentsy Consultants are in Europe: Aug 2013

Have you been wondering how many Scentsy Consultants are in Europe?   This is the official update as of August 2013.  There are no areas with Scentsy, so even if you see people in your area that may be selling Scentsy already it doesnt mean a thing as you can sell EU wide and recruit globally with Scentsy.  With the power of our websites and social media its easy peasy to get the word out and the internet is how you found THIS blog post....SO welcome. ;)

So here are the Scentsy Consulant Numbers for the United Kingdom.  As you can see NOT VERY MANY!!!!!!  What does this mean????  LOADS OF OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU WHEN YOU JOIN NOW!!!!


Here are the numbers for Scentsy Consultants for Ireland.....VERY few consultants still.  I will give you the proper breakdown as its a bit hard to see from the picture:

Donegal 2

Sligo 3

Leitrim 1

Monaghan 4

Louth 8

Meath 9

Westmeath 3

Longford 1

Roscommon 1

Mayo 4

Clare 2

Dublin 34

Limerick 3

Tipperary 2

Cork 7

Waterford 2

Wexford 2

Carlow 1

Wicklow 2

Kildare 2

Laois 1


Here is the numbers of consultants in Germany:

Schleswig-Holstein 5

Hamburg 3

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 4

Bremen 1

Niedersachsen 12

Sachsen-Anhalt 1

Berlin 8

Brandenburg 2

Nordrhein-Westfalen 15

Sachsen-Anhalt 1

Sachsen 3

Thüringen 2

Rheinland-Pfalz 56

Saarland 2

Baden-Württemberg 23

Bayern 54


If you live in the UK, Ireland or Germany and would be interested in joining my team get in touch.  We are also recruiting in Poland and from 1st  October will be recruiting in Spain and France as well. x