How many Scentsy Consultants are in Europe: Oct 2013

This is the current numbers of Scentsy Consultants in Europe. It consists of Numbers for the UK, Ireland, Germany only and Poland numbers are missing. You'll be able to see first hand that Scentsy is still incredibly new here in Europe and it means a really huge opportunity for you and your family if you've ever thought about joining and becoming a Scentsy Consultant in the EU. Particularly in Ireland, there's only 80 in the entire country!!!! only 80!! Germany has 265 and UK has nearly 700 but that's only 700 serving something like 63 million people who live in the UK. They say saturation is at 10% of the population so you can see we are a looooooooooooooooooooong way to saturation---even the USA is no where near saturation and they've been going for 10 yrs now. If you're looking to make your life better in some way and reap the blessings for you and your family (they always arent financial) then I'd love to have you as a member of my Scentsy Team. If you'd like more info about joining please feel free to subscribe in the box on the right to request a free info pack on joining (If you're already a consultant please dont subscribe. ;) ) If you're ready to join just click here and then once you are given the option, click on the country you belong to and then follow the directions!!!  I'm soooo excited to welcome you to the family!!

Scentsy EU Consultant Numbers: October 2013