Using Scents to Make us Feel Better

I'm not a doctor but if you do a google search on scent and mood there's numerous links written about between scent and mood.   Scent is one of our strongest of the 5 senses and can bring up memories, relax us, help us concentrate better or if its a bad smell make us very uncomfortable!

According to an article in Psychologies ("boost your mood with happy scents", 1st August 2015) they mentioned a study done by the University of Brittany where the smell of bread actually made people kinder to strangers...Can you believe that?   With the world the way it seems at moment, maybe we should have this scent pumped into offices, trains, etc and maybe people might start being nicer to each other. 

We can obviously use all the help we can get when it comes to managing life's stresses.  Why not make scents a part of your daily life?  I know that's why a lot of Scentsy customers buy products is because they want to feel better. 

I've created a PDF document, a free download for you with a list of scent recipes and suggestions for flavours and scents to help you feel better.  I've collated all Scentsy Bar recipes that are currently available with the current catalogue and done the research on what scents and products might help you with things like Anxiety and Depression or concentrating better.  I created a Facebook Live Video where I talk about scents and memories and mood and I share with you one of my most favourite Scentsy bars and why I love it so much.   Then Click Below for your Free PDF and 5 pages of scent recipes just for you!