How Scentsy Will Bless Your Life

Scentsy has blessed my life and the life of thousands of other consultants.   When looking into the business opportunity one wonders well what is in this for me and I'm going to tell you.  When we talk about blessings though I think the best way is to explain how its blessed my life these last 5 years.

1- Finances:  My career completely fell apart and I had no idea how I was going to contribute to the household expenses.  Scentsy has made it possible for me to contribute and have my own spending money.  Its paying off my debts and credit cards and has enabled us to do things we might not have been able to otherwise.  I see so many on Facebook in my newsfeed who are worrying about their bills and never been able to afford to go on holiday or who get into debt for Christmas.  With Scentsy there's the opportunity for financial freedom.  There's no reason why you cant live a life of your dreams and have finances affect whether or not you can do this.

2- Confidence:  When things fell apart with my career and my partners health my confidence hit a record low.  Scentsy has helped me rebuild my confidence when I thought I didnt have any confidence left.  I have spoken at Convention and taught globally other consultants how to do social media.  Scentsy was a light on a hill in one of the worst times of my life.  I've also been able to develop my leadership skills and pushing my comfort zone has increased my confidence also.

3- Friendships:  I have made lifelong friendships with other consultants and especially my team members.  If you are wanting to make new friends then Scentsy is for you.  You will find though that Scentsy people like to hug a lot.  At events I'm always being given hugs and it can be weird to get used to!

Scentsy has and continues to bless my life daily.  I really want you to have those blessings too.  Well you're in luck!  There's a special offer that has not been available EVER before.  Its 50% off joining.  This is a global offer so do get in touch for variations on prices depending on countries.  So instead of joining Scentsy for £85 its £42 this month.  You deserve to live the life of your dreams.  So why are you waiting?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and ove and over again.  Your life will not change unless you do something different so here's your chance!