How to Buy Scentsy Online

 I get some people ask or get confused by the two website thing with Scentsy....So how do you buy Scentsy online and which website belongs to you?

All Scentsy Consultants have a 'Scentsy Sponsored' website which will have a or or depending on which country you live in.  We are all REQUIRED to have this to be Scentsy Consultants.  But the thing is is that these Scentsy websites are very BASIC (in order to keep monthly costs down) and just provide a simple e-commerce kind of thing.  If you want a lot more with your online presence and the ability to help educate a lot more people about Scentsy you need to have an external website.  External websites also give 'validity' to web presence because its not an affiliate site which sometimes can get punished with Google.  So what you will see often is a .com from a Scentsy consultant and then it will have product pages or directly link to their scentsy sponsored website.  You wont be able to add anything in to your cart until you get to the scentsy sponsored portion but the external site will have a lot more information on the bars, a chance to include a review and post it to Facebook, etc.

So what I'd recommend is just keep clicking and then when you get to the'll be able to start adding things into your cart.  You will also be able to change which country you order from....Scentsy currently ships to a whole bunch of EU countries including the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Luxembourg and all you have to do to order across Europe is to switch the flag and then shop as normal.

I'd recommend the first thing you do is look for the combine and save option.....its much better to buy in bulk with Scentsy so if you can think of any friends or family that you may like to give gifts its best to plan ahead so you can save.

You then need to pick your warmers....we've got Full and Mid size options and the only difference is the style, size and price.  You then pick your six pack of Scentsy Bars.  I'd definitely recommend getting six bars to start off because people need to change scents otherwise you start losing the ability to smell certain scents if your place is saturated with a certain bar.  Like if you wanted to do cinnamon because you ADORED it....I'd recommend looking for different bars that may have cinnamon in it so you can have your favourite but still keep your nose working well if that makes sense. (no pun intended...ha!)

Your scents you purchase online, I'd recommend that if you dont know what to buy to get something from the favourites collection.  The favourites is an easy go-to list of ones that have been consistently the best sellers over time and will be likely that you like it too.  If you are adventurous then go into the other Scentsy bars collection to consider buying but they are more 'specialist' scents like foodie, man, floral, etc.

Once you have decided your warmers and bars then you can always browse the extras we have that you can try like travel tins, Scentsy Buddies, etc.  Sometimes people wait until they've tried Scentsy before they buy anything outside the 'core' of the warmers but its up to you. :)

So then after you've placed your order online you'll then hear from me via email where you'll get the tracking number and I'll send you more information about how to get the best from your Scentsy Warmer and how to reorder bars (its cheaper to order bars through me than online).  Your order will then arrive between 7-10 days (usually its less than this sometimes only 5 days) and then you can plug your warmer in, turn the little switch on, add a cube of Scentsy Bar (adding more wont make it stronger) and viola you are ready to enjoy a gorgeous calming scented home.

So that in a nutshell is how you order Scentsy online.  If you get stuck when you try to buy, please dont be afraid and contact me ok?  Its better to ask questions than forever miss out on the opportunity of having the gorgeousness of Scentsy in your home.