How to choose a work from home job

Well obviously I would love it if you picked Scentsy, but I am here to help you find and choose something you love even if that means another company.  

One of the most legitimate opportunities to earn money at home either part time or full time now is through direct sales.  Unfortunately a lot of people want easy money so they want something that doesn't make them work and they can just get the paycheques.  I'm here to tell you there isn't a job out there like that well a legit one.  There are a lot of people out there who prey on people who want to earn money from home which is why you should always look for companies that are with the Direct Sales association.  

The Direct Sales Association is a governing body that sets high standards and rules for its members.  if you google "Direct Selling Association Global 100 2015" you can see a list of all the top companies in the DSA.  If you are wanting to pick a company to join pick from something you could love in this list of 100.  Why pick from this list?  They are less likely to be a fad and more likely to have been around for a while and established.  This means that you won't be doing a lot of work for the company to then close their doors and your livlihood out the window.  

Most companies in the DSA have a starter kit required.  Why pay money to start?  I'm working for Scentsy shouldn't they be paying me?  You aren't actually an employee when you join and become a consultant with one of these companies, you are like a mini franchise.  Kind of like opening your own McDonalds without the thousands required to do so.  Requiring a start up cost weeds out the people who want the easy money.  You are making a commitment to your new business when you join and should treat it like a biz no matter what hours you have to give to it.  

Whatever company you pick from the DSA global list be sure to look for their compensation plan.  if it is not visible or you have to join before you can see it, run for the hills because it's not legitimate.  The companies you want to join are very open about how much you will make because they want you to succeed right from the very beginning.  

There are other work at home jobs out there but I guarantee the pay will have a cap to it.  Direct Sales there is no cap but there's no guarantee either.  You should be wary of companies that promise you money after a certain number of weeks because nothing is ever guaranteed in life ever.   If you are looking for extra income whether you are a stay at home mom/mum be very vigilant about having a clear head when picking what company to join.  Do not let desperation for money set you up for failure later by joining a company who wants to take advantage of that desperation.  

Take time picking a sponsor.  This can be difficult as often with these companies people join their friends who might have joined.  Its not always the best decision to join under someone you know and they may not be able to give you what you need either.  Have a think about how you want to market your business and talk to people who will be an expert in what you're looking for.  Titles and team size doesn't necessarily equate to support level.   Having a good mentor helps but it's your business in the end.  You could have a superstar director for a sponsor who lives a 10 minutes drive from you with thousands in her team that you never hear from.  You could have the most supportive sponsor on the planet who is only a star consultant with Scentsy, lives abroad who goes above and beyond to help but you still find yourself struggling with things.  Your success is in Your hands, this is YOUR business and not your sponsors so please remember that.   

You will be spending a lot of time doing whatever business venture you choose so you have got to love it.  Do not join a weight loss fitness company if you can't stand exercising.  The passion or not will come through whether you want it to or not.  

You do have a great opportunity when you choose a company and product you love with the Direct Selling Association.  Remember to never give up and why you started in the first place and it should bring you and your family blessings that go far beyond just a paycheque.