How to find a Scentsy Consultant in the UK & Europe

Of course I'd love to have you as my customer or new team member but I understand and completely respect your desire to find someone who may live a little closer to you.  Whether you want to host a party or just pop round to get your refills of bars, its completely up to you what consultant you decide to go with.

If you've been having a hard time finding someone who may live close by to you, there's two ways you can locate a consultant here in the UK and Europe:

1) Contact Me:  I've got team members all over the country and one may live close by to you.  I also am in contact with all of the UK, German and Ireland Consultants in our Facebook Groups.  I can easily pop on there and ask whether there's a consultant that may live close to you.

**Please be aware that we are still very new in Europe with Scentsy and that we are still very much spread out so it may be difficult right now to get a consultant in some areas nearby.

2) Scentsy.Net:  Scentsy corporate have a consultant locator where you can search via name and or your postcode.  You can use this to find the closest consultants to you in any country quite easily.


What to look for in your consultant:

Some may think that you have to stay with one consultant, but you can always shop around and find one that may 'jive' a bit better with you.  I always try to give quite a bit to my customers and pride myself on giving the best customer service around.  You should always try to go with a consultant who communicates with you regularly....I do customer newsletters each month and occassionally a quickie hello.  If your consultant doesnt do this, then maybe its time to look around.  In the end its completely up to you what you look for and need.  Scentsy is one of these unique shopping experiences where your individual consultant is like a mom and pop shop.  You want to find someone who remembers your name  and makes you feel like the important individual that you are.  I try to provide this for people but am more than willing to help you find someone else if needed as well.  In the end I just want everyone to have a positive experience with Scentsy. x