How to get Scentsy Wax out of the Carpet

Scentsy Wax in your carpet?  Want it OUT of your Carpet?

Sometimes accidents happen....little kids, pets or you're just really tired after a long day at work and bumped your Scentsy warmer.  Scentsy is safe and there's no fire hazard but you can still spill wax.   Never fear though......there's a Solution!!!

How to remove Scentsy Wax out of the Carpet
How to remove Scentsy Wax out of the Carpet
  1. Pick off as much of the Scentsy wax as you can with your hands, a comb or knife being as gentle as you can with your carpet
  2. Use an ice cube to chill the wax to chip off more of the excess.
  3. Place a few paper towels on the carpet where the Scentsy wax spilled. Go over the paper with an iron (keep it moving so it wont burn) on the lowest setting to heat the wax (a hair dryer would work too).  Its made to melt at a low temp, so it won’t take very long.  The paper will soak up the wax and pull it away from your carpet.  Change the paper towels as needed until all of the Scentsy wax is gone.  (If your wax is still warm liquid when you discover it, start here at step 3)
  4. If the wax is gone, but the wax color stained the carpet, use a clean paper towel or a rag to apply rubbing alcohol or carpet cleaner to any areas as necessary.
  5. Rinse the carpet where the wax spilled with clean water. You can use a clean, wet rag, sponge or a spray bottle.
  1. Dry the carpet to ensure the stain is gone.  If there's still a little Scentsy wax left repeat steps 3-6 until unnoticeable. Be careful about applying candle wax removers as it could lighten your carpet.

(Copied from Christine Loewenhagen and Becky Sattler, Independent Scentsy Consultants).

If you get stuck or have any questions about your Scentsy products....feel free to contact me at and I'd be glad to help! x