How to get the most out of your Scentsy Warmer

So you've invested the money into a Scentsy Warmer, how can you make it last as long as possible? How can you get the most out your Scentsy Warmer?

1) Don't use other waxes in your warmer.  Cheap isn't necessarily the best in the long term.  Many wax melts aren't made for our low temperatures.  They may leave residue on your warmer dish because the ingredients aren't as high quality.  Using other melts will also void your 3 year warranty with Scentsy.  Youve paid good money for your warmer and having this long of a warranty with any electrical appliance is pretty unusual (my washing machine never had a 3 yr guarantee). Use what your warmer was intended and only use Authentic Scentsy waxes. 

2) Turn your warmers off when you leave the house or go to bed.  There is no fire hazard if you leave your Scentsy on.  I know people who have left for two weeks and had their warmers on the entire time.  However although it will be great to come home to a nice smelling house, you are wasting money.  Instead invest in a timer and your warmer will be ready for you when you come home from work but you haven't lost time with your gorgeous scents. It also will give your warmers a bit of rest every now and then.  Even workhorses need a bit of rest now and then.

3) You don't need 2 cubes every time.  Strong scents and small rooms especially this is the case.  Start with one cube and experiment depending on size of the room but it can range anywhere from 1-3 cubes at a time,  Don't put in more than 3 cubes as its a waste of money. 

4) Always get a variety of scents and change the wax flavour once a week.  Never buy waxes outside if the multipack combine and save offers.  If you are getting the same kinds of scents you will become immune.  If you have used a lot of scented candles in past you will need to be careful of this the most. It's not the wax that may seem like it is not lasting as long it's your nose!!!

5) Give your warmer dish a wipe out and dry with warm soapy water.  Every now and then take a warm rag to the outside of your warmer (when it's turned off) to clean up any dried wax residue and to keep it sparkly. 

So there you.....5 tips to get the most out of using your Scentsy warmer.  if you think Ive forgotten something let me know!!