How to put the adaptor on your Scentsy Warmer

If you purchased Scentsy in the UK you'll notice your Scentsy Warmer arrives like this:

scentsy uk.jpg

All Scentsy Warmers currently have an EU plug (pictured to the left).  If you purchase Scentsy in the UK, you are sent a UK adaptor to attach to your new Scentsy warmer (pictured to the right).

Scentsy UK adaptor.JPG

Open up the adaptor and this is what it looks like.  The two brass prongs in the middle are where the two prongs of the EU plug will go.

Scentsy warmers 2.JPG

Put the EU plug on top of the two prongs and push down gently.  You won't need to have them go in all the way.  Close the adaptor cover and push it together.  If you open it up you'll see the plug is now firmly in the two brass prongs.   The plug may not initially feel like its going in the right place, but don't worry you are doing it correctly!

Scentsy Warmers.JPG

This is what your plug will look like next. Grab a screw driver with a * (star) top.

Scentsy adaptor.JPG

See the silver screw in the middle?  this is what you screw in.  You may need to hold the adaptor in your left hand, screw with your right and squeeze the sides so the screw will go in all the way. 

Your plug is now ready for the UK and your Scentsy Warmer is ready to enjoy!

If you have questions or need help attaching your adaptor feel free to contact me.