How to Recruit for Scentsy

There really isnt any wrong or right way to recruit for your Scentsy or Direct Sales Business.   I would try everything and eventually you will find out what works for you.  The most important thing though to do is to consistently find new people to talk to about the Scentsy Opportunity.  A lot of consultants falter after initially asking their friends and family and they let fear get in the way and dont ask at all.   You must get no's to get a yes and increase your chances of getting a Yes.  You must get more yes' to increase the number of people who actually stay in the business or consistently work.  There's a high turn-over with direct sales because people want quick money and Direct Sales and Scentsy takes effort and hard work.  Remember you are starting your own business!  New businesses require love and attention and sweat, blood and tears. 

1) Focus on others instead of yourself.  Flipping this attitude and remembering its not about your stats or numbers its about using the business opportunity to change lives will help quite a bit.  When you meet new people don't go into the spiel of join me right away.  Ask about their life and take a genuine interest.  If they ask you about what you do, you can say you are a Scentsy Consultant.  Let them ask the questions.  You want someone who is genuinely interested in the opportunity and you arent feeding the info to or appearing desperate.  Dont post on Facebook "My Director Challenged me to recruit 3 people this month or things similar as its about YOU not them when you post things like this.  With that said though, do talk and present the Scentsy opportunity to everyone and never assume that they will say no.  Let them decide what is right for their life or not. 

2) Be confident, authentic and enthusiastic.  If you are doubting whether this was the right decision to join Scentsy, if you are barely getting an order in yourself once every 3 months---Even if you havent mentioned it people will sense it.  They will feel your energy and that you dont particularly care.  Its ok to be authentic  and be yourself and have a bad day but be aware of how you are coming across to potential recruits.  90% of the time, always try to have an inspiring, positive, confident spin on things which includes social media.  People join because they not only want to earn money but they are looking for something more---an opportunity to feel better in their life.  You as a team leader need to create this environment.  Do not talk about Scentsy if you arent in a good place for this reason.  It will affect your success I can guarantee!  Be enthusiastic about your business--share your successes or if you are off to an incentive trip.  Be humble and there is a balance but your enthusiasm will be noticeable and people will start asking you---So what is this Scentsy thing? 

3) Give more than you take with your Scentsy customers.  Your customers are your biggest pool for potential recruits.  Build relationships with your customers.  Provide the best customer service you've ever seen.  Send emails once or twice a week and only 20% of the time mention what special offers are available.  Send birthday postcards or customer appreciation postcards in the post.  People love getting snail mail believe me! Use the same philosophy of giving more than you take with your social media.  Stop posting non stop sales posts on your Facebook Scentsy Business Page.   It doesnt work, if you research social media tips on Google you will find I speak the truth.  People want to relate to others, not sales people.  They want to see their story in your story (Make sure you share your scentsy story on your website, etc, etc).  Share pictures of what you are up to on a weekend and pictures of you with your kids.  In your newsletters (and your FB page), share things that have inspired you this week or made you smile.  Use your Scentsy business to uplift, to serve and to help and that will come back to you ten fold. 

4) Find ways to consistently meet new people.   Success with Scentsy requires 2 things-----Taking Care of the people you know which is what we talked about with 3) and Finding new people.  If you do not take care of these two aspects your Scentsy Success Bucket will run dry.  Finding new people is where a lot of people find the hardest and where people fail.  Its easy to ask people to buy or join Scentsy with people you know!!!  It takes getting out of your comfort zone, getting over the feeling of being uncomfortable, getting used to no, not giving up and a lot of hard work.


So how do you find new people to talk to about Scentsy?? 

-Practice Talking to Strangers.  Talk to your hairdresser, your bank teller, the person you always see at the cafe, the grocery store attendant, the waiter.  Be chatty and start with 'How are you'.  Ask them how their day is or when they get off work.  Wish them a good day.  What's the worst that could happen?  They could either run down the street screaming or you've made someones day.  When you go back again to this place again and see them, start from where you left off.  Listen for opportunities if they talk about not liking their job or ask what you do.  Carry some catalogues or business cards with a small sample attached and leave it with them or when you are leaving a restaurant.

-Your Customer Pool:  Are their customers who stick out in their ordering?  Are they ordering consistently a lot?  Talk to them about the opportunity and tell them how much money they'd save with Scentsy if they joined rather than just staying as a customer.  If they get nervous about joining, remind them that the worst that could happen is they go back to being a customer.

-Social Media:  This takes time but is the best way to get people to come to you.  Create a youtube Channel and start helping other consultants or giving your reviews of your favourite Scentsy scents.  Make sure you share helpful, inspiring and non Scentsy posts.  Especially with social media its the quickest way for people to turn off is to say buy from me 90% of the time.  If you are wondering why your social media isnt getting any likes or shares this is why.   Build a consistent plan of sharing and giving more than you take on social media and you will notice more and more people finding their way to your site and people finding YOU.

-Networking and Meetup Groups:  Find business clubs, networking groups, join clubs that interest you or are related to Scentsy (like candle clubs) or look on for things you can get active with.  Go and meet people and dont talk immediately about your business, make friends!!  If you do not live near a meetup group....create your own!  Like Tuesdays for Tea or something and invite the mums in the local area to have a tea club and bring their kids over too.  Then when they come over be sure the house smells absolutely gorgeous.

-Create a referral programme for your customers:  Reward your customers if they find you new recruits or customers.  Give more than you take so that they naturally spread the word about you. 

-Basket Parties:  Encourage your basket party hostesses to keep the basket going and finding someone who wants to take it off them to ensure new people.  Be sure to collect email addresses of all hostesses and potential hostesses.  Keeping the basket going will help your sales and increase how many people are in your pool of people for potential recruits!

-Build relationships with other Direct Sales Reps:  A lot of times they join more than one company, so finding ways to meet other reps will always pay off in the end!

5) Be an Excuse Buster

If people are unsure about whether to join, invite them to do a party so they can get an idea of what becoming a Scentsy Consultant will be like.  If they do not have the funds to join, suggest flipping the party.   Find ways to make the Scentsy opportunity work for each person.  Listen, Listen, Listen to what people are saying and find ways you can tailor the opportunity to them.

6) Have a Possibility Night

Invite your customers or people you know would do a good job at this to a Possibility Night.   Play Games, do prizes (as long as its within the rules of Scentsy and your company) and then do a short presentation about the Scentsy opportunity.  You can do these online on Facebook too and I have done them as B.A.C.O.N. nights which is become a consultant opportunity night.   Play Bacon related games and then present on the Scentsy Opportunity.  Its a chance for people to have fun and to ask questions.

7)  Always have a Recruitment Pack Ready 

People will ask you for information more than you will get people joining.  Have a 1 page sheet typed up that you can send to people via online inquiries.   Have some recruitment packs in your car with a little sample or a pen or something.  People will appreciate the efforts to get you the info and to take something away too.

8)  Follow Up

I see this as a common problem with Scentsy consultants.  They've asked people but they dont follow up.  If someone says they are interested in joining Scentsy follow up in 1 week.  Dont bring up Scentsy just ask how they are doing and how their week has been.  If they still dont bring up Scentsy after the 2nd week---Follow up again and ask them and say I wanted to check in and see what your thoughts were.  If they still dont respond after 3 attempts, move them to your Scentsy newsletter or keep them in your loop for maintaining contacts.  No now doesnt mean no later.

9)  Become the Team Member you want to Recruit

You should always lead from the front (by example) anyway in your Scentsy or direct selling business.  But, like attracts like---You attract the type of people YOU already are.  So consistently work on yourself.  Go to the gym finally, make sure you are hitting over 500 in sales each month, read self help books, go sign yourself up to a therapist....Anything you can do to become better do it.   The more and more you work on yourself, the more and more people will flock to you naturally.  Who do you want to be in this life?  What leader do you envision yourself as?  Who do you look up to as a perfect leader, teacher and mentor and aim to make those qualities come out for you as well.

10)  Never give up

Recruiting can be the most mind numbing, frustrating part of Scentsy.  You see what seems like everyone else succeeding with it and you cant seem to get one recruit!  Well I'm here to tell you to please not give up and also what others do who cares.  This is YOUR journey and your business and worrying about what others do in their Scentsy businesses is stealing your power.  So STOP IT!!  Decide whether you are all in with Scentsy or you've got one foot in the pool, one foot out.  If you are going to do Scentsy its not fair to yourself to be 1/2 motivated like this and fully commit to be 100% all in.   No matter what obstacles, frustrations in your business you will NEVER give up.  Its easy to not trust that this business will work, but you must.....YOU MUST.  If you do your best every day on your Scentsy business, this will happen for you I can guarantee.  We dont know the reasons why some Scentsy journeys are harder than others but those that move to Director in 6 months do they have the emotional skills to lead a team?  Probably not.  Everything is for a reason, there's a lesson in everything, just have the faith that if you never give up that your Scentsy business will be the road to making your dreams a reality.

Hopefully you've found something useful in this article.  Feel free to share the link with friends or fellow team mates.


Christine x