How to save money on Scentsy

Want to save money on Scentsy?  Here's how:

1)  Combine and Save

Scentsy gives discounts for buying in bulk and these are the options available.  To see the savings for outside of the UK, click on the country location flag in the right hand corner and pick your location and then the Buy Tab. 

Scentsy UK
Scentsy UK
Buy Scentsy
Buy Scentsy
scentsy uk catalog
scentsy uk catalog

Scentsy Bar                              Scentsy Bars                       2 Full Size Scentsy Warmers + 6 bars

3 pack                                      6 pack                                Perfect Scentsy

(save £1)                                 Buy 5 get one free                (save £7)

                                               (save £5)


2 Mid size warmers + 6 bars

Perfect Scentsy Mid Size

(£5 savings)

2)  Host a Scentsy Party

When you host a Scentsy Party you can earn 50% off Scentsy products and earn Free Scentsy.

For more information on hosting visit Host a Scentsy Party

3) Spend over £150 on Scentsy Products

Shipping is free when you spend £150 or more on Scentsy.  Under £150 is £9 each order.  If you have any friends to buy for stock up on warmers and buddies and perfume.

4) Follow me on Facebook

If you live in the UK, Follow me on Facebook and hear about when I'm placing an order next to add yours to the mix or PM me to find out if I have any stock available or special offers.  Get discounted shipping by having me ship things personally to you rather than going through Scentsy directly.  Please note this is for small orders only and shipping can take up to 2 1/2 weeks to allow for me to receive the items and turn around and ship to you. 

To browse the Scentsy UK catalogue.

Please check the right hand side bar for the catalogues for other regions.