How to succeed with Scentsy

How do I succeed with Scentsy?

I get asked this question A LOT with new team members who have joined Scentsy or with people who haven't yet taken the leap. 

Scentsy is a big leap of faith because usually most of the time you have no idea what to expect, you've never done direct sales before and its just SUCH new territory.  You WANT to succeed though because you've invested your starter kit and don't want to fail.  Who WANTS to fail at something?  no one but if you join with the right attitude and these tips in mind, it will definitely help you on your road to success as a Independent Scentsy Consultant.

So from my experiences from 18 months with Scentsy I've come up with my top 4 tips:

1- Have a good attitude

If you give up after the first hurdle Scentsy will be hard.  If you focus on the money Scentsy will be hard.  If you aren't passionate about will be hard.   Whatever you are feeling on the inside will manifest itself in your business, so make sure you consistently bring a good attitude, kindness and warmth to the table and you will be rewarded with it back.  NO matter what.....don't give up either. :)

2-Give more than you take

Scentsy is such a blessing and opportunity for those who could use it in their lives.  Spread the blessing and the opportunity to have a wonderful product....and don't focus on the money.  When I have had this attitude in my business, I've struggled....but when I've focused on a spirit of generosity....its been far, far easier and I've grown as a person because of it.  Oprah says the same thing....Whatever you focus on increases.....focus on the abundance, share this with others and you will be blessed with abundance too.

3- Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Scentsy is a party plan company.....your parties should be your lifeblood of your business but don't depend on them entirely.  There are other avenues to success with Scentsy including fundraising, online (which is how you found me here ;) ), events/shows, approaching businesses and corporate gifts.  Work consistently on all of these avenues to increase your chances of success.

4- Be Consistent

If you expect to succeed with Scentsy you need to be consistent with your efforts.  You will get back what you've put into it.  If you have asked your friends and family and passed out flyers and haven't had luck with that.....TRY something new.....but don't give up and say that Scentsy didn't work.  Scentsy will work if you consistently keep trying all the different paths to success. that was my 4 tips for success here is Orville Thompson's (owner of Scentsy) 4 tips....well he calls them 4 chords.  This was from our Convention speech this year.   If you're considering Scentsy or have joined Scentsy....I'd recommend you watching this speech.  The Thompson's are just beautiful people in every way and I'd love to be able to make a difference in the amount of lives they have:

Here's a Simplified and OH SO CUTE RETRO version of the 4 chords of success:

How to Succeed with Scentsy
How to Succeed with Scentsy