How to use your Scentsy Warmer

Instructions how to use and How to get the best out of your Scentsy Warmer.  This explains how to change the wax and how to use your warmer.  Be sure to change the wax frequently.  Feel free to download and print off a copy for yourself to keep handy.  You can also let the wax harden and pop it out and reuse over and over again until the scent goes.  If you havent finished a wax but want to change it just pop it out gently with a butter knife and put the hard wax into a little baggie or you can pour back into the container.  

Why is it important to change your wax?  Because you'll get used to the smell and you'll wonder why your scentsy doesnt last very long.  Its very common especially with candle addicts or frequent fragrance users.   Its recommended that you continuously change the wax between 6 bars at a time to keep your nose fresh. 

If you have any questions do let me know!