How to use Facebook for your Scentsy Business

Facebook is a huge opportunity for you to promote your Scentsy Business.  There's over a billion users which means its one of the biggest gatherings of people online.  You have to go where the people are in social media and if you don't have a Facebook business page then you are seriously limiting yourself with improving your Scentsy business.

Why do you need a business page rather than just an individual profile?  Well exposure for one and people taking you seriously is another.  Individual pages aren't meant to promote businesses and there's a limit actually to how many people can 'friend' you whilst fan pages there is no limit and there's a much more opportunity for reach.  You are building your own mini brand within Facebook and this means having your own space and a proper brand page will add credibility to your business.

In the video, I've explained how to set up a FB page.  I discussed some of it in my previous post on Social Media but I go into a little bit more in depth and share my screen with my FB page throughout.

If you refer to the blog post on social media you'll be able to find links to the apps I mention in the video which should help.  These are just the apps that I've picked...if you want to make it more of your own then do it as its your Scentsy business and you've got to make it your own.

Some generic tips I'd recommend for Facebook:

-Be yourself and share your story

-Be interesting and useful

-Be consistent.  A ignored page is the easiest way to failure with Facebook. 

-Interact...if people ask you questions respond and vice versa.  Give opportunities for people to connect with you.  Provide excellent customer service and show your FB fans the love.  If you send them love, they'll send it right back at ya.

-Get your own vanity URL.  For our Scentsy businesses I'd recommend your name or if you have a distinctive business name use that.

-Take advantage of highlighted posts (look for the little star) which will make this particular post a lot larger.  You can also pin a post to the top, look for the drop down box on your post and if you scroll down you'll see 'pin to top'.

-Make sure you take advantage of the entire space that Facebook gives you.  Fill in your description, location, add cover photos, etc.  Change the tab pictures to reflect your personality and add calls to action where appropriate.

-Have a good mix of personal and business posts.  Have weekly features like Friday Fun, Wednesday Inspiration, etc.  You will always be a business so don't lose your focus but people dont always like being sold to either.  Its not always about you, its about your customers.  They want to know what's in it for them not whether you are promoting this month or just short of your sales goal. You can always consider highlighting special fans as well.

-Add your Facebook URL to can add it to your Scentsy website in the 'My Page' tab or if you have an external website have an easy access link where people will be able to access your page.

-If you have an external Scentsy website add like buttons to all product pages

-Be sure to read Scenty's policies and procedures about advertising online with Facebook.  Also be sure to read Facebook's policies about business pages.  Especially with cover images there are some definite no-no's.

-Join like ladders and networking groups to increase your exposure

-Consider promoted posts or Facebook advertising.  It costs but it will increase your visibility.  Research how to write a good ad before investing into something.

-Link up with other social media platforms.  Networked Blogs and Twitter for Facebook will link up your blogging and post your FB posts to your Twitter feed.  Saving time is very helpful with our Scentsy businesses. 

-Ask your followers questions.  Post fun poll questions to see what they are thinking

-Always include a visual with your FB posts if possible, have easy access links to where people can find out more information or buy something without having to search your page everywhere for information, have calls to action and be sure to include keywords. 

-Use FB insights to guide you.  You'll be able to see what kind of posts have gotten the most interaction and what you should be duplicating and what you should forget about.

-Find other Scentsy consultants on FB to network with and get ideas from.  Follow influential people and share things with your followers that you think may benefit them. Study other popular brands and get ideas from them on how to do things and get social interaction.

-If you are signed up to the cross border agreement, provide local relevant content to the countries that may be seeing your pages and who could benefit.

-Add important Scentsy dates like promoting to Director, Conventions, incentive trips, etc.

-Its better to have one really great post than a bazillion bad ones.

Have any tips for Facebook that I might have left off?  Leave it in the comments below: