How to Use Facebook for your Scentsy Business, part 2

Last  year I produced a very popular video on using Facebook for your Scentsy Business.  It was so popular I decided I'd do a Part 2 to it.  It only took me a year to get around to it but here you go.

Since I did the last video I have learned quite a bit about the nature of Facebook.  I'm hoping to continue to add videos to this series as you guys seem to love them plus I'm always learning so much new stuff everyday about how to use social media. 

The tips can be used for Scentsy obviously but also ANY business you could use these for.  The most important thing though to realise is that you are building relationships.  It may seem like what's the point about asking your fans what they had for dinner, but it comes down to whether or not they trust you as to whether they'll open their pocket books or want to join your team.