How to use Social Media for your Scentsy Business

Are you a Scentsy Consultant who needs some ideas for your Scentsy Business? Are you considering joining Scentsy and don't know where to begin? I've compiled quite a bit of information for you of things I've learned about social media and the Internet. If you apply the tips below, I guarantee you'll notice results and improvement to your Scentsy business because this is what I did.

A bit of a background on myself...when I joined Scentsy last year as a consultant I really wasn't sure how I'd be successful with it because I didn't know barely a single soul. I had heard of people from my Superstar Director who had used the online approach and were successful so I thought I'd try it. However I didn't really know much about online, website design or social I had to teach myself absolutely EVERYTHING I now know. I am still learning everyday but I can credit my efforts online with being able to survive this far with Scentsy.

A slightly shortened version of my presentation on Social Media:

Here's a handout that I created that has all of the links, etc mentioned in my presentation: