I dont have time to do Scentsy

I Dont have time to do Scentsy-----That is the biggest thing I hear people say when I ask them whether or not they want to Join and Become a Scentsy Consultant...TIME.   Well I want to put your mind at ease, it only takes a couple of hours a week.  It may seem like all I do is Scentsy but I do online work quite a bit and most only do parties.  Looks can be deceiving too and how do you know that I'm online all the time or do I just give the impression of that. ;)

Do you have time to do one or two parties a month, 2 evenings in a whole month?  Then you have time to do Scentsy.  You'd be surprised how many people who have full time jobs, very stressful jobs like nursing, teaching, etc who do Scentsy in their spare time who still have time to spend with their families as well.  Sometimes its our own self doubt that's doing the talking and the fear of failure rather than whether the real issue is time or not. 

It also may be a time management issue.  I've got a good friend who does Scentsy and whose at Superstar Consultant who has two kids, a full time job and teaches youth Karate in her spare time.  She created a calender with all of her commitments and has two evenings a week she does Scentsy and that's it....and she's already at Superstar Consultant!!!

You CAN do this if you want it bad enough?  Does the idea of having extra cash interest you.....you'll then make it work for Scentsy and no your family, you and your other commitments wont suffer...its just all a bit about making it all be organised a bit.


So No more excuses about not having time....YOU DO HAVE TIME!!!!  You can make this work and I will be here every step of the way cheering you on.  So pop me an email and request your Free Info Pack today and lets get you started on the road to success. :)