Irish Peat Scentsy Bar

I decided to do a blog post on our UK and EU only scent:  Irish Peat.   The poor bar gets made fun of and doesnt get quite enough love next to the more popular bars on the block.  So, my Irish friend----I'm dedicating a whole bar to just you. xoxoox

Here's the description of Irish Peat in the catalogue:  The nostalgic, homey scent of a peat fire:  Moss and wood set against smoldering embers.  I've heard customers describe it as the closest thing in our scentsy scent selection like incense.  I love incense and was actually more into Incense that candles when I joined Scentsy.  I love the ability it has to clear your head and recentre yourself to carry on with the day.

Obviously I can tell you that I love it, but who are you to believe when I'm just a Scentsy Consultant.  If you've ever tried Irish Peat and you're out there somewhere, I'd love to hear your review on it. x




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