Is Scentsy Environmentally Friendly?

I get this question often.....Is Scentsy Environmentally Friendly?  Being Earth Day today I think its rather fitting to discuss this:

Our Warmers have LED light bulbs.  LED light bulbs create a fraction of the heat of normal light bulbs which is where the energy for other light sources disappear.  They are a powerful source of light but only run on a fraction of the cost and last far far longer.  So what does this mean for your Scentsy're not going to notice a difference in your electricity bill at all.  Our Warmers here in the EU have a 3 year guarantee in case the lights do go out, which is unlikely.  LED lights are meant to last a lifetime which is only good news for you and your Scentsy Warmer. 

Tea light warmers, yes they are cheaper initially but not in the long run as their burn time is very very poor.  Whereas your Scentsy Warmer can be left on all day, one needs to consider how many tea lights would that take to have the equivalent time in your Scentsy warmer.  The tea lights are made with very cheap parrafin wax which isnt the healthiest because its made from crude oils which isnt sustainable.  The base of the tea lights actually will end up in land fills and the wick has lead which you have to worry about getting into the streams, etc.  So an effort to save money initially actually ends up costing you and the environment a lot more than one thinks.

I hear a lot of people saying....well I use pure essential oils and soy candles.  Google Soy and the rainforest and you'll be shocked to find out that its contributing to the reduction of the rainforest.  Soy is also known for affecting womens health if consumed in vast quantities so even breathing it one has to wonder if it will affect hormones in a negative way.  Some essential oils are toxic and can cause breathing problems.  Natural doesnt mean that it isnt an irritant.  Producing some of these oils is just isnt sustainable as the amount of resources it takes to produce an ounce of oil is pretty shocking.  Rose oil and Musk is an example of scents that require insane amounts of resources to produce.  So before you may poo-poo Scentsy because it isnt 100% essential oils, please keep these environmental points in mind.  We have many consultants who have asthma and one even with a very serious lung condition who have tried everything under the book for nice comforting scents and Scentsy has been the only thing that hasnt irritated or caused problems.  Consultant with lung condition has been in and out of hospital all of her life and has tried essential oils as well but with no success.  Scentsy she's got next to her bed.

Scentsy use a combination of essential and synthetic oils in their fragrances.  Our Scentsy bars are FOOD GRADE wax which is the same kind of wax that makes apples shiny.  Its non toxic if ingested accidentally.  Our personal care range uses NO GMO's, no parabens, etc.  Our waxes AND bar containers are also biodegradable and have passed very very stringent EU safety and environmental laws.  How many products in your cupboard can make that claim?

I think the best thing you can do with Scentsy is at least try it.  Notice the changes in your home....You might find actually that you are sleeping far better and are pleasantly surprised about the quality of our products.

Happy EARTH DAY 2013. :)