Join Scentsy FAQ

Q:  What if I don't know many people?

A:  You don't have to know people to start your Scentsy business.  You can do events, attend networking meetings, approach businesses.  You can also give business cards to the cashiers at the petrol station, grocery store, post office, etc.  As long as you try to talk to 1 new person a day about Scentsy, you will be fine.


Q:  Is Scentsy a Scam?

Scentsy is a member of the same organisation that the well known company Avon is, the Direct Sales Association.  Scentsy is currently ranked number 33 in this global association and has also been mentioned in the prestigious magazine the inc500 as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States which would not have happened if they were not a legitimate company.   Scentsy compensation does not work unless you work too and help others succeed.  When I initially was considering joining, I searched through google and could not find a single thing written bad about Scentsy.  I would encourage if you are questioning whether Scentsy is a scam to research it on the internet for yourself.


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