Join Scentsy in February and save on your Starter Kit

When you Join Scentsy this month, you end up saving money on your Starter Kit.  Twice a year in February and August, Scentsy offers a transition kit which includes catalogues and testers from both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. 

So what does this mean in money terms?  If you were to join Scentsy in any other month this is an example of what you'd get in your starter kit:

Scentsy Testers

Autumn & Winter (15)

Favourites (15)

Corner Café (10)

Romance (10)

Scentsy Man (10)

Seven Seas (10)

Demonstration Products

Full-Size Scentsy Warmer (1)

Scentsy Bars (2)

Scentsy Buddy (1)

Scent Pak (1)

Business Supplies

2011 Autumn/Winter Catalogues (50)

New Consultant Start-Up Guide (1)

Print Your Own Business Cards (100)

Invitations (100)

Order Forms (100)

Host Envelopes (5)

Buy Brochures (50)

Host Brochures (50)

Join Brochures (50)

Discover Scentsy DVD (1)

Scentsy Recyclable Bags (3)

Print Your Own Labels (10 sheets)

Consultant Folder (1)

Welcome Letter

3 months of your Scentsy Website is included for free  (usuallly £10 a month)


For February (and in August) you get the new testers.  This time around there are 22 new scents.  The tester pots are £1 each so a savings of £22.  You also get 25 of Fall/Winter catalogues and 25 of Spring/Summer catalogues.  You can still use Fall/Winter catalogues when the new Spring/Summer catalogue would just put a sticker saying ask me about the new catalogue.  Any testers not used from the Fall/'d save for when it comes round again or you can make into samples.

Usually when you join Scentsy the starter kit would cost you £85.....This month it would have cost £107....but with Scentsy its still £85. 

Also I think its worthy to note that if you were to buy these products separately from Scentsy when you join....adding up everything it would cost you for the kit over £230.............Scentsy is charging only £85 which is an incredible deal.