Join Scentsy in August Offer

Join Scentsy in August 2015 and get the Enhanced Scentsy Starter Kit! From Aug. 1-31, the new Consultant Starter Kit will include Spring/Summer 2015 testers and catalogues AND Fall/Winter 2015 transition tester sets and catalogues at no additional cost. Transition tester sets include new and returning fragrances that move into the Fall/Winter catalog.  From Sept. 1, 2015 to Feb. 28, 2016, the new Consultant Starter Kit will include Fall/Winter 2015 testers and catalogues. 

What does a usual Scentsy Starter Kit include:  Scent Testers, Catalogues, Business Supplies (Varies), a range of Scentsy Products (Will Vary for country but you will for sure get 1 Scentsy Warmers and 1 Scentsy Bar).

This offer is only given twice a year in August and February and is the last special offer on becoming a Scentsy Consultant before Christmas.  If you would like to earn extra money for a debt free Christmas now is the time to join.  You also have a chance to get involved straight away in the incentive qualification period from 1st August to 31 January 2016.  The USA have announced their free trip to Walt Disney World, Europe is going to Cyprus and we are waiting on what Australia and New Zealand will be going.

This offer applies to ALL regions for Scentsy and consistently happens every year in August/Feb.  Scentsy is a GLOBAL business and as consultants we recruit internationally so do get in touch no matter if you live outside of Europe.


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