Levels of Scentsy Consultants

So if you're considering joining my Scentsy team or have already joined through one of my colleagues, You're probably wondering what titles or levels of Scentsy Consultants there are.  These titles are what your compensation or pay is based on each month and you hit these levels based on what numbers you and your team do in one month.  If you dont hit the numbers you get the pay what you've done, not what your title may be.  So for example, Superstar Directors the top of Scentsy if they do not sell their 500 PRV (amount in sales) they feasibly can still be paid at Certified Consultant which is only 25%.

I've attached a copy of the Scentsy Compensation plan at the end of this post.  Have a read through my description and then click on the picture as afterwards you'll understand it a lot better.

Escential Consultant:  This is your title when you join Scentsy and you are paid 20% commission.  Once you have sold 1000 PRV (points based system based on sales---not quite 1 for 1) you can promote.

Certified Consultant:  Your Pay is 25% and you can never go below this pay for as long as you are with Scentsy.  To get higher than this for your pay you need to either do one or two things---1) Sell 2K PRV in one month and then you get a 5% bonus so 30% pay or 2) Recruit a team.  2k PRV is tough to do EVERY month, although you should work towards it so you must recruit because it means that you can earn more money a lot easier.

Lead Consultant:  To hit lead Consultant you need 500 PRV of your own sales, 1 team member active and a Group Wholesale amount of 1000.  Your Wholesale amount is .75% of PRV so it works out you need more than 1k in PRV to get this if that makes sense.  You can hit the Group Wholesale amount by you doing nearly all the work or by your team member doing the work.  Its a team effort but you both need to contribute a particular amount to qualify.  To figure out how much PRV you need to promote, take the Title you want so Lead would be 1k.  Say you've got 600 PRV so far this month and want to see how much more you need to promote.  1k-600 =400 Divided by .75% = 533 PRV.  You and your team member need a total of 533 PRV between the both of you to hit lead.  This equation can be used on any title or level within Scentsy.  You get 25% and then an Extra 2% from Personal Wholesale Volume, plus an extra 2% from Team Wholesale Volume for all your Escential or Certified Consultants.

Star Consultant:  500 PRV for you, 2 team members active (150 PRV) and 2500 Group Wholesale Volume.  Once you start getting to star and above its important to keep recruiting and adding to your team.  Not everyone will be active in their Scentsy businesses every month.  You may lose people which is normal.  Keep recruiting so that you are being paid your title each month.  Its one thing to hit the title but you then must aim for consistently hitting your title for the pay each month.  If you do this it will be a lot easier to maintain your pay when you hit Director or above and the other Scentsy leadership positions.   For Star Consultant you get 25%, plus a 4% bonus from your Personal Wholesale Volume, plus a 2% bonus for every time one of your team members hit their title of lead in the month.  You can start to see a pattern here that helping your Scentsy team is within your financial interests as well as for your team members.

Superstar Consultant:  Keep adding and adding new team members.  Numbers are important here as to hit Director you'll need in the 30+ range for team.  Teach your team members how to recruit, how to consistently get sales and it will help you.  You must give your team time otherwise it will be unlikely you will be able to move beyond Superstar Consultant.   To hit it you need 500 PRV, 6k group wholesale (notice the big jump) and 3 active team members.  Your pay increases with 7% bonuses and a 5% and 3% bonus for team members who hit Lead and Star on your team.  You will start noticing the pay increases quite a bit when you hit Superstar Consultant.

Director:  Yay, you've finally hit Director which not many Consultants hit.  A lot give up before now but you've proven your resilience by finally making it to a Scentsy Leadership position.  There are responsibilities when you hit Director that your sponsor will discuss with you but also you can lose your title of Director.  If you have been working on consistency of being paid at title with your Scentsy business it will be easier to maintain your title of Scentsy Director.   But do not worry if you dip down or even dip down to Superstar Consultant as its very common!  The rules are if you do not hit your Director title for 3 months you move to Director Q and after 6 months you move back to Superstar Consultant.  If you hit these titles for a certain number of months in a row you have the possibility of earning consistency bonuses including free registration to Convention and to Scentsy Leadership in January.  To hit Director you need a whopping 10k Personal Wholesale Volume, 2k in Team Wholesale Volume and 3 Active Consultants as well as your own personal 500 PRV.  If you look at the Compensation plan below you will see there are multiple ways to earn bonuses for the titles that your team hit each month, also your Frontline Escential or Certified Bonus moves up to 9% which is huge.  Director and above is where financially you really start noticing a difference in your life and its what you should aim for when you join.

Star Director:  You are almost to the top of Scentsy---You just need to keep recruiting and working especially hard on building and nourishing your leaders and superstar consultants.  To hit Star Director you need to have 2 First Generation Directors (Personally recruited by you).  You can see the numbers you need in the picture below to hit Star and the compensation % you will receive.  The extra numbers on top of the 25% you have always gotten since you hit certified are for how well your team does per month so all those bonuses are for each consultant who hits the title listed for that month.  You can see the income potential now with Scentsy cant you?

Superstar Director:  You need 4 Frontline Directors to hit this and close to 80k Group Wholesale Volume---Thats quite a big difference than the 1k you needed when you hit Lead eh?  It is possible but baby steps.  Superstar Director is quite an honour and the highest you can go with Scentsy.  Financially its not the end though because the more you add to your team and consistently recruit the more your income keeps going up.  There are people who only make a little bit with Scentsy to people who make six and seven figures.  The 7 figure earners are all Superstar Directors.  You can do this but you must never give up and consistently work your business. 

So here is the compensation table for Scentsy.  Its the same compensation whether you live in Australia, the UK or Mexico.