New Scentsy Europe Scents Fall Winter 2015

The New Scentsy Scents will be available from 1st September 2015.  These Scentsy Scents have never been available before in the UK or Europe.  They are also exactly the same as the North American Scentsy Catalogue.  If you'd like to book a party to get these products for 50% off or free get in touch ASAP.   

Duchess Scentsy Bar – Opulent and daring, this bold blend of green mandarin, golden birch, chic vetiver and sweet, creamy caramel is a diva in the making.

Apple S’mores Scentsy Bar – Harvest apples, cinnamon glaze and a drop of coconut milk lend a tantalizing twist to classic toasted marshmallow, vanilla creme and warm cedarwood.

Autumn Sunrise Scentsy Bar – A warm blend of tart pomegranate, raspberry, nutmeg and spiced cinnamon stick pairs perfectly with chilly fall mornings.

Rum Raisin Cookie Scentsy Bar – Freshly baked cookie dough sumptuously spiced with rum, raisin and clove will transport you to the corner bakery.

Cashmere Pear Scentsy Bar – Slip into sensual white amber, Madagascar vanilla, silky pear and warm red ginger, a blend as smooth and luxurious as fine-spun cashmere.

Woodland Suede Scentsy Bar – Retreat to a tranquil, wooded wonderland redolent with red oak, smoky cedar, suede musk and bright winter lemon.

Highway Run Scentsy Bar – Toss the map and go where the wind takes you as crisp, adventurous notes of eucalyptus bud, cedar, amber and vetiver grass lead the way.

Frosted White Birch Scentsy Bar – A cool breeze of peppermint frost, eucalyptus and lavender gently warms to blonde woods, fir needle and amber.

Davenport Scentsy Bar – The warmth of cardamom, amber and vanilla complemented by artemisia adn sandalwood create a comforting, cozy fragrance.

Juniper Berry Scentsy Bar – This luscious blend of black raspberry, lemon peel and bergamot with a hint of earthy balsam is clean and crisp, like the first taste of autumn.

Bergamot Bay Scentsy Bar – Classic bergamot is captured beautifully in this outdoorsy, eye-opening scent, accented by crisp notes of juniper berry, bay leaf and white sandalwood.

Ode to Opulence – Lavish your senses with the sweet, evocative aroma of apricot, blood orange, coconut milk, black currant and spiced vanilla.

Tahitian Black Orchid Scentsy Bar – A seductive tapestry of black orchid, dark plum, coconut milk and white rose weave a mysterious tale full of sweet surprises.

Blueberry Rush Scentsy Bar – A sweet surge of ripe blueberry leads a luscious bouquet of lively cranberry, black currant and pomegranate.